Billy Bob Neck

Billy Bob Neck


Billy Bob Neck is a satire on conservatives. He makes Ann Coulter look like Ghandi, if Ghandi were a woman.


Billy Bob Neck has spent the better part of 25 years fighting to keep America American. Standing on the front lines of the battle for the heart and soul of America, Mr. Neck fires musical mortar shells of untold power. Whether hes supporting the troops with songs like Killing Every Arab I Can See, wryly commenting on the blue states with Liberals (Let Em Burn) or providing a clear-eyed and heartbreaking critique of homosexuals with the haunting The Sodomites Lament, Mr. Neck never fails to bring a tap to your toe, a tear to your eye and a heart filled with American Pride.


Songs to Stop People From Bein' Gay

Set List

Sets vary from standard 5-7min to 30min.