Billy Cash a.k.a. Hollywood
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Billy Cash a.k.a. Hollywood


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Hollywood has been played on various radio stations and at various venues internationally. That's My Mom and World Peace have had minimal airplay.



The Man Behind the ‘Mic’

“Why take demos from ten artist/
When me and rap go together like limos and red carpet.”

“Hear and feel what I speak please/
On the ‘mic’ like I’m Sammy Davis, writing like a young Phyllis Wheatley…”
-B. Cash

The rapper/ author/ entertainer/ actor/ producer/ model extraordinaire and co owner of All Stars Entertainment, Billy Cash a.k.a. Hollywood is here to stay. Far beyond the nature of your typical hip- hop artist, Hollywood manages to incorporate ‘real music’ (music that is considered to be heartfelt that goes beyond simply writing about ‘life in the ghetto’). In an attempt to bring the attention and focus back to the M.C., BMI's writer, Billy Cash has managed to incorporate positive and uplifting music with mainstream commercial tracks, which is a detrimental combination. Not only does he have music for the club or the bar, or for the youth and the urban setting, but he believes in making music for the world. In simple terms, I have had elderly people purchase CD’s by Billy Cash just because he is truly gifted at what he does. As a community activist he always manages to record separate songs for his community that are motivational and uplifting for everyone, including children and senior citizens. The most versatile artist in this era, Billy Cash manages to provide a wide array of music, including songs such as ‘World Peace’ ‘That’s My Mom,’ and ‘Black History.’ To separate himself from the others he has a number of variables which come into play. First and foremost, he has written over 300 songs within the last three and a half years, while managing to be featured on at least two - hundred tracks to date. He is the ‘one take wonder’ as he is known for recording all of his songs within an hour or less, with the ability to write forty eight bars and a hook in under that amount of time. Both of his stage names lay the foundation for a universal, commercialized image. The titles Cash and Hollywood symbolize that Billy Cash is a unique individual with the ability to appeal to everyone, especially mainstream listeners and viewers on an international level. Billy Cash is an extraordinary young man rising out of the depths of Essex County, NJ with an endless amount of potential being a recent Seton Hall University graduate. He is a very popular person in the Tri- State area as well as regions far beyond the East Coast (California, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Europe, etc.) known for his history with both sports (All- State football player) and various forms of entertainment. He is your typical ladies man/ revolutionary for the inner city youth and people from the hood with the ability to write a song a day in his spare time. He is the voice of not only the community but the world in general as he emerges out of the same deprived and impoverished setting that many of his listeners and viewers still remain in. He is a combination of Jesse Jackson, Muhammed Ali, and Tupac Shakur with radical political views and inspirational music for the world. Along with living the quote on quote ‘Thuglife’ he is both a National Dean’s List graduate as well as a member of both the International Honor Society, and The Essex County Scholar- Athlete Award and College Hall of Fame. Along with music he has been accredited as one of the greatest poets in the world by in 2004 (under the alias Andre Dishmen). Billy Cash prepares to release his first mix tape album of the year as he continues to progress with his monumental display of talent as he negotiates with major record labels this year. He is also in the process of establishing a nation- wide college tour (Safe Sex Sells Tour) for the spring and fall of 2006 with the assistance of Trojan Magnums. He is part of a four member group that has recorded more than 200 tracks to date. His group A.L.P. also known as The Magnum Boys is also currently seeking a major deal along with sponsorship from major corporations such as Chrysler Dodge and Church and Dwight. They have done shows all over the nation as well as being featured on numerous mix tapes that have been released nationwide. The group along with Billy Cash has developed certain auras that people not only respect but have grown to love. With business cards, flyers, and the A.L.P. website have all aided to promote this group as they have moved over ten thousand units of music independently, now it is time for Billy Cash to exemplify why not only is he here to bring NJ back into the limelight but he is also hear to bring the focus back to the M.C. With an infinite amount of plans for future endeavors including clothing deals, endorsements, lingerie c