Billy Catfish

Billy Catfish


I'm a country kid that got caught up in the city, and I write / sing traditional folk and country songs that are generally about having a good time.


I do the laid-back country-folk singer-songwriter thing, songs that would make the outlaw country singers proud, and songs that just about everyone can relate to.

Last year, I self-booked about 75 shows - taking me throughout Ohio, up to Detroit and Chicago, down into Nashville and Memphis, and it seems like nearly every point in-between. I slept on the floor of a bar-b-cue joint and shook hands with a lot of new friends along the way.

I also keep busy with about four different bands at any given time, in addition to solo recording projects and maintaining a steady schedule of solo performances. I've been playing music for nearly 20 years now, so I'm no stranger to the stage.


I've performed and recorded since '89 with rock, garage punk and avant-garde groups, while also producing a mountain of home recordings along the way.

There have been seven-inches, CD releases and limited-run demos hand-made on a whim; recent recordings can be listened to and downloaded from

Set List

Usually original material, approx. 40-90 minutes.
Cover material - when performed - varies from Gregg Allman and Hank Williams to Sonic Youth.