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Billy Conahan

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

New York City, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"Billy Conahan - "Smoke""

Billy Conahan is a man on a mission. 2012 saw the release of his 1st mixtape, Episode I; and now jump forward just a mere 6 months later, and he is already releasing his 2nd mixtape, Episode II: Smoke. This guy is determined to be the best at his craft, and it shows in the quality of his work. Through his lyrical ability, we’re witnessing the evolution of Billy growing from a boy to a man. This latest album gives listeners just a small glimpse of all the thoughts that are going on in his head at once. He proves that he is not only a rapper, but also a poet, a thinker….one who tends to think outside the box, and dares to imagine the way things could be, rather than just settling for the status quo.

The album opens with the track, "Feel It All Around," an honest commentary of his observations about the status of today's music industry. He challenges the messages that other rappers are giving to their listeners.
He speaks about how TV and Media seek to brainwash the public, making them feel as though they have to be "accepted" in order to be cool. The 2nd track, "You Will See" speaks to the younger generation...the rebels....the kids who listen to Hip-Hop against their parents' approval. He's providing a voice for his generation...but a voice very much unlike many of the other rappers his age (and even several those who are slightly older). He spits messages that have substance and meaning, but does it so effortlessly and so fluently that you listen to every single word as he's saying it.

“Why did man turn his back on man. When did his life become less than the cash in his hand?”
- Billy Conahan ("Feel It All Around")

With the production headed by Raj Chrome and DJ Grumble, this album contains some of the tightest beats I've heard yet on an independent mixtape. The way the sound draws you in, you wouldn't know that this wasn't the release of a major label artist. Take for instance, Track 4, "Stand Strong," which opens with a smooth jazz sample and is an anthem for people all over the world, who maybe facing the pressure to conform to the "norms" of society. He says "There is no cure for the madness of heart, the internal struggle is the magic of art."....Coming from a songwriter/musician myself, I can tell you "truer words have never been spoken."

Through this mixtape, we see the many different sides of Billy Conahan, and all the forces that drive him. On "Seven O'Clock," Conahan shows his romantic side, expressing his affections for the girl of his fancy. Track 6 "IDGAF" (featuring J-Craze), speaks of the struggle of working the 9-5 everyday just to survive, while pursuing your dreams. It's about not letting your image overshadow your craft....But instead, letting your commitment to your craft speak for you. It's about striving to be the matter where you come from, or what your circumstances are.

Track 8, "Sound is God" is a point of view that needs to be heard. It speaks to the issues going on in the world today and encourages people to seek the truth, instead of taking things for face value. You don't need a degree to prove that you're educated. You don't need to be in college to further your education. You just need the initiative to continue learning everyday.

Track 9, "Can I Kick It" is a remix of the 1991 Tribe Called Quest tune, this time featuring Conahan and KB Jones putting their own twist on it for a new generation. This remix showcases the versatile lyrical stylings of both rappers, while still managing to keep it true to the original. I believe that Q-Tip and Phife Dawg would be proud....

Track 10, "What's That Funny Smell" is the 1st single off the album, and is gaining momentum by the day via YouTube and Facebook. Check it out below:

Episode II is the lyrical evolution of Billy as a rapper and as a poet. He is setting the stage for the next chapter in Hip-Hop. It is not these talent-less clowns out here trying to be something that they're not, only in it for the money. It is rappers who have as much common sense as they do lyrical sense, and that actually try to use their voice and their message to promote creativity and individuality.

In short, "This is his moment. This is his time. Right now, we’re going along on the ride to bigger and better things for this kid. I'm just glad to say that I was here to witness it as it was happening."

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"Review From a Fan"

What better way to kick off spring than with some brand new music? Today, Billy Conahan drops his second mixtape; Episode II: S.M.O.K.E. This dude is SERIOUSLY talented and has been putting out some really great music. So if you're a lover of rap, or just good music in general, check it out.
Surgeon General's Warning:
Side effects of Billy Conahan may include but ARE NOT limited to:
1) Chronic head bobbing
2) Violent hand raising
3) Feelings of rebellion
4) Occasion verbal outbursts of "OH SHIT"
4) Long periods of general dopeness. - Matt Kiss

"EPISODE I - Billy Conahan"

The stage was set, the energy was live, and master of rhymes, Billy Conahan, did not disappoint. Sullivan Hall in NYC was the place to be on Thursday night, October 11th- which saw the release of Billy’s 1st official mixtape release, “Episode I.” For those of us who came out to celebrate such an important mark in Billy’s career, we are fortunate enough to say that we were able to witness history in the making- the first of many great things to come from this guy. It’s a real pleasure to see the places he is going with his music- always changing and experimenting, while still paying homage to the influences of the past. Billy, along with super-talented musicians, Laurie Anne Creus (vocals/keyboard), Pete O’Neil (Bass), Rahn Brosh (drums), and Randy Conrado (guitar) completely owned the stage, and delivered such a mind-blowing performance, that it had the audience clamoring for one more song before the end of the show.
What I really want to know is “How is it possible that this kid’s flow has gotten better since the last time I’ve seen him?” His performance and his delivery just seem to keep growing and evolving….suggesting that there is no limit to how far this kid could go in the rap game. I’ve always said that an artist has my respect when he/she really makes you listen and really think about what it is that they’re saying….and that is definitely true in Billy’s case. His unique style and clever wordplay is what makes him stand out, and truly sets him apart from that of his contemporaries. - Harmonious Flame

"Billy Conahan"

a world where Hip-Hop, as a genre, has become badly in need of originality and creativity, it is absolutely refreshing to know that there are talented MC’s out there that still have something poignant left to say. Enter Billy Conahan, a 20-year old Queens native who clearly embodies the spirit and rebelliousness of not only Hip-Hop, but of music in general. Coined “The Bob Dylan of Hip-Hop” (a term that is very much well-deserved), Billy is capturing audiences all around New York City with his smart, catchy rhymes and impressive lyrical flow. If you sit in on just one of Billy’s performances, you’ll quickly come to realize, just exactly what everyone else who’s heard him has come to know: This kid is the TRUTH!! With a flow well beyond his years, he is reminiscent of artists like Eminem, Q-Tip, and Lupe Fiasco, in the sense that draws the listener in and makes actually listen to every word that he’s saying.
I’ve had the extreme pleasure of knowing Billy since he was 18, and have since watched him grow exponentially in terms of musical skill since then. I first met him during an open-mic at The Waltz-Astoria in Queens, being introduced as “Billy the Kid” because he was by far, the youngest person there. Even then, it was clear that this kid was extremely talented and that he was going places, but you always got the feeling that this was only a small piece of all that he had to offer. In such a short time, his delivery and presentation has matured and evolved multitudes, making him one of the best rappers currently on the NYC Scene. A true “Renaissance-Man” and student of all genres, Billy’s talents just don’t stop at Hip-Hop, but they also include musician, comedian, singer-songwriter, and photographer. I have seen him play piano, harmonica, and guitar on separate occasions, and sometimes even in the same set. His show includes a little something for everyone: Folk, Rap, Rock, and Funk- clearly meshed into one unique, beautiful fusion.

I had the extreme opportunity to catch one of Billy’s shows at Lower East Side’s own, Mic-Club, in the basement of Lucky Jack’s. Billed as “An Open-Mic for the Emotionally Naked,” that is exactly what Billy’s performance embodied. Performing with drummer, Marc Montfleury and guitarist, Matthew Kiss, the 3 musicians turned the place inside-out for their 45-min set. They completely took control of the stage and demanded to be heard. That level of hunger and top-notch skill will be the key component that takes each of these musicians extremely far in their own right. The camaraderie between the three was clear and evident, and it showed in every note of their music. Billy himself, was in top form, switching back and forth from Folk to Hip Hop, and everything in between. One minute he had a guitar in his hand, playing the Bob Dylan tune, “Masters of War;” and the next, he was “spitting” on the mic, performing his debut single, “On a New York Morning”- a song about the corporate corruption and greed that goes on in the city on a day-to-day basis. He seemed to be “in a zone”- feeding off of the love that the audience was giving him, and returning it right back with each performance.

What impresses me most about Billy is his ability to completely go against the grain; then knock the grain “upside-down” completely. He doesn’t succumb to the notion that rappers are only supposed to be “thug” and stick primarily to Hip-Hop. He un-apologetically incorporates several different styles into his music, making his sound refreshing and unique from that of his peers. To me, this is what Music is all about- it knows no limits, and has no boundaries. At such a young age, Billy has already mastered the art of “finding his own sound”- a practice that is often forgotten, yet badly needed in today’s version of the music industry. Simply put, that if he’s the sign of what’s to come up next in Hip-Hop as a genre, then rest assured, the future is in good hands……

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Billy Conahan is an MC and songwriter known for his intelligent and well-versed style. He is a unique breed of hip hop, much unlike his contemporaries, mixing elements of folk, storytelling, rock, funk and a little comedy. In about a year and a half of writing and performing, Billy released two mixtapes EPISODE I and EPISODE II: S.M.O.K.E., one single “On A New York Morning”, a music video “What’s That Funny Smell?”; he has performed at Sullivan Hall, Highline Ballroom, Littlefield, The Shrine, and various small local clubs and venues. He is passionate about what he does, constantly writing and honing his craft as a performer, and he’s hoping to take as many people as possible on his music journey with him.

Billy Conahan is the winner of the 2013 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Show and Prove, and opened the Festival for headliners Redman, EPMD, Pusha T, and Dizzy Wright!!