Billy D.

Billy D.

 Canton, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopChristian

We have a Hip Hop Flavor like no other. We do every style of Hip Hop and no 2 songs sound alike. I think our music reaches broad ranges of cultures and influence and ages. We love Jesus Christ and just want to tell others what he has done for us and what he can do for them. Its all about HIM!!


I have been in love with music since a little kid and was putting together performances early in high school. Soon after graduation, I opened and ran a DJ business and was performing on the side in the secular world. Trouble in that life of every kind brought me to my knees. Soon after, I was saved and started turning my music into Christian music to glorify God; however, when I got married I felt the need to get into the corporate world. I was very successful and learned a lot although I was slowly drifting back to worldly things and was conforming to the world. Greed at all angles had consumed me. I had fallen back so far I was about to lose everything I had…my wife, family, job, etc. I cried out to God for help. God got a hold of me once again and raised me up and spared all those things I held so dear. I promised from that point on I would live each day for Him forever and use the spirit daily to guide me (which I didn’t do before). Only by His spirit can we live a changed life. We are incredibly weak without it. I have never been so hype and on fire for God in my life and will humbly do the work God has called me to do. I hope you enjoy this debut album but more importantly I hope you see what Christ has done for me in my life and what He can also do for you.


I have several tracks on Jango Internet radio that are doing very well and being considered for 2 other radio stations too. These tracks are.."Gotta Let Go" "Down with the King", "Made me Nu", "1 Shot", and "Still"

Set List

We usually perform, 1 Shot / Down with the King / Gotta Let Go / Made me Nu / Here I Am / Jacked Up depending on length of sets these 5-6 songs....Longer sets we also will do Make it Rain / I Need You!