Billy Dechand

Billy Dechand


Billy Dechand's music is crazy smart pop: kinda like Zappa meets the Beatles. The words are intelligent and provocative, the music sophisticated but accessible.


Billy went to studied Music Composition at Bard College. He played with a lot of musicians there, many of whom are now on Muss My Hair Records. He composed some chamber music, which, combined with his taste for Brit Pop, helped gell his unique style of intelligent, elegant, accessible songwriting. In the mid-90s he fronted the rock trio Trike in NYC. He moved to Chapel Hill in 1998 and released several CDs with The Billy Dechand Band. As the world spins about, his music has been getting more political, but also more personal.
He has been travelling between NYC and Chapel Hill, playing with the most creative musicians in both towns.
Look for his new CD in the summer of 2003, called HOLD ON.



Written By: Billy Dechand © 2003 Bucktooth Music (ASCAP)

You say you never had a better lover
Whether he was clever or a fool
You stay, breaking all the records for keeping it together
You’re fine, you’re so cool, and beautiful

They say, hey hey, look at those two
What can we do to be like you?
You’re fine, you’re so cool, and beautiful

I say I love you, you know it’s true
You say you love me, I know it’s true
It’s true, I know, I know
Yeah, I know I know it’s true

I say whatever I imagined as an adolescent never
Could have added up to this kind of romance
I never knew
Who knew it could be so cool, and beautiful


Hard Moon Crash

Written By: Billy Dechand © 2001 Bucktooth Music (ASCAP)

It took a thousand daily doses of daisies
To get this far
How’s a mountain sound they said
Mum’s the word on disastrous, understated heights

From night to day in the blink of an eye
Sage to deep in the thick of it
I’ve never seen a faster sunrise
Blinded by cold hindsight

In an iceless freeze
All the pinholes burn bright

So far the flowers are furthest away
I’m even nostalgic for diesel
I never knew everything I needed could be so simple
So hard to breathe, or hold in your fingers

In an iceless freeze
All the pinholes burn bright

And all the windows turn to night
Every fall or spill or broken toe an tails
Seems like brighter days

In an iceless freeze
All the pinholes burn bright

The Last Time

Written By: c. 1997 Kate Lovelady and Billy Dechand

He said the first thing to come to your mind,
the little prick proves you're awake, alone
again, these are your hands this is your bed,
its lonely frontiers wide and cold.

Bandaged thick with sheets and sleep
and unreasonable dreams . . .
get up, tear the pictures down,
scrub their shadows from the walls,
you'll never look at them again

(like) it's the last time

You thought because he was dancing close
(that) he was dancing with you
you've nailed every dip and turn,
learn the steps to exit gracefully.

Flickers of hope, blaze a maze
you've followed him in so long . . .
(but) only a bitch forgets cleanly
once the memories are aired from every shirt and sheet
and beaten from the pillow

this is the last time, just like
just like the second last time, . . .

he was the first man she ever trusted
he was the second man she ever trusted
she's had it now she says this is
the next-to-last time
the very next-to-last time

Just like the last time
like the second last time
like the third last time
Just like...


Hold On (2003)
World Famous in Chapel Hill (2001)
Hocus Pocus (2000)
Pop Another Cork (1998)