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Billy Dimonz

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Born in Haiti & moving moving to several cities throughout N. America gave Billy a global perspective on life and saw him encounter much injustice. This groomed him into the artist that he is, his ability to write songs on various subjects that relate to many listeners brings instant appreciation.


The year is 1988, although it might not mean much to some, that year meant everything to Billy. It was the year in which he would first listen to something that would shape the rest of his life and change him forever. While Billy was in detention for disturbing the teacher, a classmate who’s father travelled frequently to the U.S. hands him a walkman to pass the time. In it is a cassette tape with a new genre of music which hadn’t made a strong presence in Canada yet, Hip Hop.
Now after years of crafting his delivery, content and versatility, it was time for Billy to take the stage, and so he did to the surprise of many spectators and critics who would later measure his talent to some of the greats in the industry. Billy moved through several cities, and due to his appearances on several local mixtapes, he has really set his mark in the nation’s capital (Ottawa) and his hometown of Toronto. In 2008, with the efforts of friends and partisans, Billy released the “From City to City” EP, a fully mastered piece with a few guest appearances. Being a native of Haiti, Billy has seen and experienced a tough life, from poverty stricken communities to families torn apart by violence and drugs. Built for the long run, these obstacles motivated him to pursue his dream and share his story of success through music.


From City to City, EP
"Ride Wit Ya Dog," Single

Set List

One set typically lasting 15 minutes consisting of the following tracks:

"Share It"
"Get Your Soldier On"
"Ease Your Pain"
"Have Mercy"

Tracks can be adjusted according to venue and audience.