Billy Dodge

Billy Dodge


A unique blend of acoustic/reggae/rock.


Billy Dodge, born and raised in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts, focuses his style mainly on the genre of reggae and rock with an acoustic feel, largely influenced by artists such as Bob Marley, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Sublime, and Led Zeppelin. Lyrically, his music derives from political and social inspiration, much like Dylan and Marley, using his music as an outlet for social change. The style is unique in that it doesn't fall into the broad dub or reggae, folk, or rock category, but instead incorporates all their elements and fuses them into one genre. From 14 to 22 years old, Dodge has gone from band to band trying to find his comfort zone and the quest for the right sound that reflects who he is and the only way to reach that was a solo career, realizing that the only musician that could understand his goals was himself.



Written By: Billy Dodge

I have lived my life according to plan
but even I have seen these darker days
And then one day my fate was changed
And I see my life in a different way
But I cant pass it by
When its staring me in the face
Ive been compelled to live in disgrace
And everything I believe
has drifted from from me
and its playing tricks on my morality

I am the victim, I am the witness
but i will never change my mind
I have seen, been caught between
But my sense wont intervene
And my respect, my life
is fading over time
but i know, down this road
there is reason within rhyme
(and my religion, my beliefs
contradict this tragedy
And in the eyes of this country
I am in the enemy)

And do I let it leave?
Or do I let it follow me?
Ive got my future staring down at me
And do I go against my God?
or do I go against my innocence
that's dyin' oh inside of me?

Father please oh bless me with the will to find my way
As this country stands divided,
what choice do I...
What choice CAN I make?

Meaning: This song is about a teenaged girl who was raped and impregnated, wandering and wondering whether or not to have an abortion as she is conflicted by her religious beliefs and her sense of responsibility.


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