Billy Dortch

Billy Dortch


Billy Dortch is an Openly Gay singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. With a Fresh Blend of Pop/Rock music and a soulful voice, He is now taking the community by storm.


Born in Northern California and raised on a
Rock -n’-Soul diet of the Beatles, Motown, and Jeff Buckley, BILLY DORTCH is the kind of blue-eyed soul singer that catches your ear and your eye as he communicates his music with an honest, gritty voice and a ”sexy boy next door appearance. (

He is instantly unmistakable.

With commercial appeal not unlike Adele, Marc Broussard and Sheryl Crow, BILLY DORTCH ”...has the looks... he has the voice.” (Bent Magazine, June 2009)

He sings it like he means it.

Radio-friendly songs like“”Breathe” and songs like ”Heart Clean” and ”10 Steps” are sure to find a home in TV and movies.

With his international following growing after a stellar live performance in Berlin, and with his video for ”Breathe” quickly rising on the LOGO countdown, BILLY DORTCH is quickly becoming the artist that A&R and music supervisors alike are searching for.

”Damn, the boy can sing.” (


Goodbye, Goodbye,
Heart Clean
Break Apart Me
10 Steps