Billy Draws Two

Billy Draws Two

 Niagara Falls, New York, USA

BD2 is an ambush of catchy riffs and vocal harmonies. The call-and-response gang vocals, the guitar hooks, and smart lyrics make for an epic new sound. The unique three part harmony sets a higher standard for all within the Indie/Alternative genre.


Forming in early 2007 and evolving through the years, the line-up of this quartet is led by charismatic, self-taught, multi-instrumentalist Billy Horn. His colorful and snarky personality provides the core of the band’s songwriting style, and his professional attitude has elevated them to reach many accomplishments.
Joined on stage by Doug Life, Rosie Lorenti and Rob Helms the four musicians bring Indie music to a whole new level.

Frontman Billy Horn is the only musician to play on "Harlequin" and most subsequent recordings. He owns Fuse Bomb Records and is an accomplished actor and writer, having appeared in such productions as Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Evita, and RPG in NYC as well as produced his own stage shows.

Rhythm Guitarist Doug Life is Fuse Bomb Records' Graphic Designer and their go-to guy for building anything. Doug and Billy have been playing in bands together for over ten years. He is also the front man of The Lies of Romance.

Bassist and Pianist Rosie Lorenti is an Executive at Fuse Bomb Records and has been with the band only two years now, but has integrated quickly with her musical abilities and chemistry in the band. She also fronts her solo piano project, Drama From The Runway

Drummer Rob Helms has been the studio drummer from Billy Draws Two for several years, and is officially a member of the band now. He also has a handful of side projects under his belt.

Together Billy Draws Two has toured the east coast, played events such as SXSW in Austin, Texas, and The Suicide Prevention and Awareness Benefit concert in NYC. They have opened for several acts including 80’s icon Queensryche, and they have developed a loyal fan base that keeps growing.


"Harlequin" - Electric - April 19th 2008
-'Plans' has been played on 103.3 The Edge
-Music Video for 'Himno' can be found on Youtube.

"Popular Misconception" - Acoustic - August 12th 2009
-Entire album is in rotation at 91.3 WBNY and 88.9 FM WCVF
-Music Video for 'No One Else' can be found on Youtube.

"The New Black" - Electric - February 20th 2010
-Entire album is in rotation at 91.3 WBNY and 88.9 FM WCVF
-'E-Z Action' has been played on 103.3 The Edge
-Music Video for 'I Went Fishing For Compliments But Only Caught Cliches' can be found on Youtube.