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Fall In

Written By: Bill McClendon

Walking down the road of life
Baffled and confused.
Apathy and ignorance
Scuffing up my shoes.

The answers flicker like a candle
Burning in my soul.
The flame is much too small to see
Yet the light is bright and full.

Fall in
Fall in line

Walk the line and tow the load.
Like the ebb and flowing sea.
Guided by the etches of ancestral memories.

We sacrifice humility
For answers we cant see.
Dancing in the echoes of this timeless melody.

Pulled by strings of those before.
Think and do as they have done.
I am one of many and the many are but one.

Fall in
Fall in line

March without emotion through the catacombs of time.

Fall in
Fall in line

I am you and you are me
And what is yours is mine.