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Someone once said that, after silence, music comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible. Singer/songwriter Billy Falcon’s music has a way of doing just that. As an artist uses color, Falcon uses words and music to convey life’s beauty and fragility, the joy, and the heartache, the disappointment, and always, the hope.
Falcon, oft referred to as “Long Island’s Own,” grew up in Rosedale Queens. He signed his first record contract with a major label at age 18. Falcon, a prolific writer, is a self-described reporter, chronicling his life experiences with poetic lyrics and stirring melodies. Heaven’s Highest Hill from the critically acclaimed “Pretty Blue World” album articulates the pain of having to tell his three-year old daughter that her mother had died. The rawness of the experience is captured in both the lyrics and Falcon’s performance, yet the overwhelming theme of the song is the endlessness of love and the beginnings of hope. The song, which relays Falcon’s tragedy of losing his 29 year old wife to breast cancer, is extraordinarily personal and yet resonates with anyone who has experienced loss. Power Windows, the single from the same album, and an anthem for those who have figured out what is really important and meaningful in life, was a Top 40 hit and propelled album sales to over 350,000.
Over his career, Falcon has released ten albums, each remaining true to his hallmark of beautifully crafted songs with lyrics that move the listener to laugh, cry, think, remember, and always, to hope. Stevie Nicks, Cher, Manfred Mann, Sherrie Austin, and Trace Adkins have covered Falcon’s songs, amongst others. Falcon has co-written 11 cuts on the last four BonJovi albums, including Just Older from the “Crush” album and Last Man Standing, which is featured on BonJovi’s “Have A Nice Day,” release and on the “100,000,000 Bonjovi Fans Can’t be Wrong,” boxset.
Falcon has lived in Nashville for the last 12 years. He continues to write, perform and record, as well as work with BonJovi and other artists, his favorite of which is his daughter, Rose Falcon, a gifted singer/songwriter in her own right. Rose’s debut album on Columbia Records, included the hit song Up, Up, Up which was featured in Disney’s Inspector Gadget II and remained in the number one slot on Radio Disney for over 20 consecutive weeks.
Falcon music has maintained it’s authenticity, freshness, and it’s significance. Like the spirit of faith, hope, and love that is his muse, Billy Falcon’s music is enduring.
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Independant Releases:

"Made Man" 2006

"Released" 2004

"Songs About Girls" 2003

Major Label Releases:

"Letters From a Paper Ship" 1993

"Pretty Blue World" 1991

"Billy Falcon's Burning Rose" 1978

"Improper Attire"

"Falcon Around"

"Spark in The DARK"