Billy Falcon

Billy Falcon


Billy Falcon is everything you would want to be. A songwriter whose story telling is fueled by emotion and a performer who will not offer his seatbelt as he takes you on a ride you're not likely to forget... Ever. JON BON JOVI


Billy Falcon, a prolific writer, is a self-described reporter, chronicling his life experiences with poetic lyrics and stirring melodies. Perhaps you remember his Pretty Blue World record, with the hit song, Power Windows. Stevie Nicks, Cher, Manfred Mann, Sherrie Austin, and Trace Adkins are just a handful who has covered his songs. He has co-written over a dozen songs on the last five Bon Jovi records, including Last Man Standing, Just Older and Everbody's Broken. Over his career, Billy has released eleven albums each remaining true to his hallmark of beautifully crafted songs with lyrics that move the listener to laugh , cry, think, remember, and always, to hope. Billy's latest record, Made Man, a dozen songs with his new band, is something he's truly excited about.


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Set List

Sets include original material and a few well chosen covers.