Billy Floyd

Billy Floyd

 Orlando, Florida, USA


Billy Floyd is, quite simply, an entertainer. His upcoming album “The Arsonist”, a Pop-Rock infused Solo EP in which he has collaborated with top industry professionals, has been his sole focus for the past year and is set for an early 2013 release. Billy has been involved in the Central Florida music scene for over a decade and has built his career playing with bands such as Black In The Mind, Open, and Smilin’ McGee. He’s cut his teeth on the national circuit as well, touring with international bands such as Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Thriving Ivory, Green River Ordinance, Parachute, Plain White T’s & K.T. Tunstall.

Despite his larger than life energy on stage, Billy is one of the most down to earth and witty men off of the stage. With over 200 songs under his belt, Billy has quite a diverse arsenal to choose from when developing a set. Every venue is different and no two sets are the same. Billy ensures this by “shooting from the hip”, as he calls it. If you know his songs well you’ll be able to recognize when he does just that by stringing together a few beautiful chords and inventing a song on the spot. Never to be duplicated & only heard once. “I just make it up as I go along”, Billy says. “Every musician can do it, but not all of them have the courage to do it live. That’s my favorite part about performing live. I can only go forward. No second take and no starting over. It is what it is and that’s the way it will be forever.”


LP (My Reality, Baby!) 2004
1: Tomorrow
2: Love
3: Through My Window
4: Solace
5: Last Song
6: Pillows of Yellow Roses
7: My Embrace
8: Rose
9: Solace (Studio Acoustic)

EP (McGee Road) 2005
1: Elemental
2: Brilliant
3: My Embrace

LP (Mr. Dewby's 37!) 2006
1:Walkin' Man
2:Drink With The Sun
3:Seven Astronauts With One To Come
7:My Embrace
9:You Are My Everything
10:Three Days After The Rain Came

EP (The Arsonist) Post-Production (2013)
1: Walking Man
2: Sunkissed
3: Fall Away
4: You Are My Everything
5: The Fear That's Silent Sound

Set List

My Embrace
Walkin' Man
Drink With The Sun
You Are My Everything
seven astronauts with 1 to come
3 days after the rain came.

Prince of Light
Intenso (waste my time)
Everything is Gonna be Alright
Where I Stand

"In The Air Tonight"/ "All along the watchtower"
Phil Collins / Jimi Hendrix
("Cumbersome"), ("Lucky")
7 mary three
""Twist N' Shout""
Isley Brothers, Beatles
"Motorcycle Drive By"
Third Eye Blind
"Hotel California"
The Eagles
Dave Matthews Band
Trent Reznor
Radio Head
"Sweet Dreams"
Anne Lennox / Marilyn Manson
"Come as you are"