Billy Fyffe
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Billy Fyffe

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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One EP called Counting To Three. Five tracks. Secrets & Costumes. The Field. Don't Be A Stranger. Please Come Home. Stopping To Smile. Currently for download on



What can I really say about myself? I will start with the basics I guess. Billy is the name the folks give me after months of fighting and debating over what to call the perfect child. Fyffe.. well.. I guess the folks liked bananas. I grew up a spoilt brat. I got everthing I wanted. Unfortunely one thing I never got at a young age was a guitar. "You're not going do my head in with that racket!" my mum shouted on many the occasion when her son would walk up with a smile on his face and ask for that guitar. No, my dreams didn't end there. After years, twelve to be exact, of begging and bribery, finally I plucked up the courage to ask on last time for a guitar. And to my surprise this time, the folks said "Ok! But you better buy headphones!" So the next weekend, I took myself down to Matchetts Music in Belfast and bought a beautiful wee Fender guitar. I knew one chord that day, the D chord, which the boys in Matchetts were sick off while I placed it about thousand times but of course they were glad of my business. Since that day, I have taught myself like three more chords and I've wrote loads of songs. Yes it's surprising what you can do with limited resources. I've played in a couple of bands with great lads and the lads have taught me alot about music, pineapples and homosexuality.. oh wait the homosexaulity never happened... yes anyway.. they taught me alot and I thank them for it but my own acoustic is my passion. I sing about life, love and my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus give me my life, my many female admirers (i know it's like only three) but most of all, Jesus died for me on the cross. For my sins, for my friends, my fans and for you so the debt I owe Him, even though it's greater than I can ever pay back, is to tell people like you about Him through the only way I know how... through my music. Jesus gave me the gift of music so I will use to glorify him and hopefully trigger a chord in you to get to know Him. I know people aren't down for the religious stuff but don't just shut off my music because what I believe. It's who I am. Give me a chance. Give Jesus just one chance even if it's through my music. I hope you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't when I heard Jesus through the music of a band. My music is about LIFE, LOVE and MY FAITH. I hope and pray you enjoy it.