Billy Harner

Billy Harner


Billy Harner is a legend! His astonishing career has endured through decades. But Billy and his voice have endured, Why? It's simple! Billy sings what Billy lives. Heart and soul. No gimmicks. Just honest, pure heart. And that's how Billy Harner lives and loves, straight from the heart


Billy Harner "The Godfather Of Blue Eyed Soul"

Something very special happened one day at West Jersey Hospital in Camden, New Jersey, Billy Harner was born. This future legend was brought home from the maternity ward to grow up in Pine Hill, New Jersey, a quaint little town nestled in the suburbs of Philadelphia. This small wonder was later to be nick named by the great DJ, Hy Lit, as “The Human Perkulator” because of his strong voice and energy-packed stage performances, Billy Harner, the Godfather of Blue-Eyed Soul was now alive and kicking. Billy has said many times, “I think I started singing on the way out of my mother’s womb”, but it was his beloved Grandmother who landed little Billy his first pro gig by the age of six at the Avalon Yacht club on the Jersey shore. As would prove to be a regular reaction to Billy’s shows, the mixed crowd which included the rich and not so rich were blown away and couldn’t get enough of the young Billy Harner.

The singing appearances went on very successfully for about three years until Billy, at the age of nine, saw Gene Crupa live and decided he wanted to be a drummer. And that is what he did. He played drums for various rock bands and also had a stint with the (quite famous at the time), South Jersey String Band. It was at a Battle of the Bands competition when Billy, playing drums for his band, met a kid named Mickey who sang and played guitar for another band in the competition. After the contest Billy tracked down Mickey and said he wanted to be a singer again and they should form a duet. They did, and four months later they were picked up as, “Billy and Mickey" by Red Top Records, an enthusiastic label with a reputation for hard work, talent and success. It seemed like Billy and Mickey were on their way! However, after having an exciting ride with Red Top and Mickey, Billy who was still a teenager, set out on his own. He was soon signed to Lawn Records, which is a subsidiary of Swan Records. Swan had a great crop of artists during that time period, including a new band from England…The Beatles. But the brazen and confident Billy Harner moved on to be contracted by several more record companies throughout his brilliant and hit strewn career.

These labels included Kama Sutra of the MGM & Paramount Records empire as well the famous Cameo Parkway Record Company. Billy Harner was the first white artist signed by Atlantic Records and connected with a hit song: “ Message To My Babe “. Some of Billy’s other hits include: “ Sally Sayin’ Somethin”, “ She’s Almost You “ (written by Joe South), “ I Struck It Rich “, (written by the award winning songwriting team of Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff), “ Homicide Dresser “, “Human “, “What About The Children “and more. One could write a book, an inspiring, extravagant book about the life and times of Billy “The Human Perkulator” Harner. For instance, he was the last headliner to perform at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, where Billy and his band barely escaped as the famous landmark crumbled into the sea. The “Perk”, as his friends affectionately call him, was one of only a few white entertainers to take part in the Martin Luther King Freedom March. He judged a Miss Nude America contest, and being the only clothed person in the hall, felt compelled to at least moon the audience while reading out the winner’s name. So, he did. And even though he had graciously turned down offers to sign with RCA and incredibly, Motown Records, Billy still managed to tour constantly and cut hit songs. At one point performing live at the Rainbow Room in Wildwood, New Jersey for 93 grueling nights in a row, taking the 94th day off to record yet another record in New York City. Then back on the road.

He refused an invitation to be a guest on the Dating Game TV show because he was married and I could go on and on. There are so many more interesting things to say about The Godfather of Blue-Eyed Soul, who still lights up a stage as bright as lightning. Like a combination of the late great James Brown and Mick Jagger, his live performances are nothing short of electrifying. Red Hot. And he’s better now than he has ever been. Billy hopes that all of his fans worldwide will enjoy his brand new CD titled “Billy Harner, The Human Perkulator, Then, Now and Forever!” The 14 song CD includes brand new versions of his hits as well as a couple of outstanding new songs that Billy wanted to surprise you all with. You see, when Billy’s family, friends and fans are happy. Billy is happy. Maybe that’s why he is always smiling. Enjoy!


2007 Billy Harner - "The Human Perkulator"
Then - Now - Forever (Full Length CD)
Shoutback Records

2007 Break It To My Heart - - Shoutback Records
2007 Change Of Faith - - Shoutback Records
2007 Unchain My Heart - - Shoutback Records
2007 Open The Door To Your Heart - - Shoutback Records
2007 Untie Me - - Shoutback Records
1976 Alabama Girl - - Neroc
1975 Bending Over Backwards For You - - Neroc
1975 Same Old Song - - Neroc
1974 Two Lonely People - - MIDLAND INT'L
1973 Half A Man - - Omega/Bell
1973 What About The Children - - Omega/Bell
1971 Rags To Riches - - Paramount
1970 I Don't Wanna Cry - - Match
1969 These Are Not My People - - 66+6
1969 Something You Got - - 66+6
1969 Human - - Open/OR
1969 Check You Out - - Open/OR
1969 She's Almost You - single - - Open/OR
1969 Fool Me - - Open/OR
1969 I Struck It Rich - - Open/OR
1969 Set Me Free - - Open/OR
1969 She's Almost You - LP - - Open/OR
1969 Later Baby - - Open/OR
1969 I'm So Hurt - - Open/OR
1969 Watch Your Step - - Open/OR
1969 I Got It From Heaven - - Sound Gems
1968 Homicide Dresser - - Kama Sutra
1968 Lavender Room - - Kama Sutra
1968 What About the Music - - Kama Sutra
1968 Please Spare Me This Time - - Kama Sutra
1968 You Gave Me Somebody To Love - - Kama Sutra
1968 Honky Dory - - Kent
1968 Irresistible You - - Kent & OR
1967 Sally's Sayin' Somethin' - - Kama Sutra
1967 Don't Want My Lovin' - - Kama Sutra
1966 A Message to My Baby - - Atlantic
1966 Everything's Hunky Dory - - V-Tone
1966 All In My Mind - - V-Tone
1965 Let's Get in Line - - Cameo/Parkway
1965 All Through the Night - - Cameo/Parkway
1965 All Through The Night - - Parkway
1964 Anymore - - Lawn/Swan
1964 Watcha gonna do - - Lawn/Swan
1964 Coney Island Wild Child - - Lawn/Swan
1964 Feel Good - - Lawn/Swan

Set List

Here is a sample set list from Billy's 2008 "Then - Now - Forever Tour"
Supporting the 2007 Release of
** Billy Harner - The Human Perkulator **
**Then - Now - Forever** Full Length CD

Open The door To Your Heart
Sally Sayin' Somethin'
Homicide Dresser
Message To My Heart
Untie Me
Break It To My Heart
Irresistible You
What About The Children
I Struck It Rich
Change Of Faith
Almost You
Unchain My Heart
What About The Music