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Billy IsReal

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My music is from the soul. Anointed enough to move the church, yet raw enough to reach the streets. I know hard work is parallel to succeeding in the music business. I am ready to work hard.


27 year old songwriter/composer Billy IsReal has been perfecting his craft for nearly 7 years now. With the release of 4 self produced albums from 2003-2007 under the moniker "Baliztic", Billy was able to gain some regional notariety, valuable experience in songwriting and performing, as well as a keen knowledge of how the business works. In 2008, tired of the constant partying and immorality that he dealt with in his pursuit of superstardom, Billy took a short hiatus from the business, during which time he was called on by the Lord to do Holy Hip Hop. Now, with a new name, and the power of the Holy Spirit, Billy is armed and ready to take the gospel industry by storm with an honest testimony and raw talent.


A Ball of Clay Who Lost His Way (2008)IsItReal? Music

Set List

Time to make a change, Faith, Keep Praising & We Rising Up are the singles right now. 20 min. is a typical set for me.