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The best kept secret in music




The Gothique CD is part of a bigger multi-media project. It is music based on the fictional book entitled "Book Of Omens", which is an ominous look at the calamities facing humanity if we don't turn away from environmental destruction, greed and wars.

The fifteen “apocalyptic rock” tracks on the CD are a sample from a three volume set expanding on the ideas from the book and concerns about the world we are currently living in. Gothique is a hard-hitting record featuring a mixture of male and female singers representing a variety of genres ranging from Goth to new age. The songs and stories are a serious wake up call for change. The music is interesting and Gothique is an innovative concept album with a profound purpose.

If you are looking for media (books and music) with meaning look no further than "Book of Omens" and the Gothique Songs Of The New Millennium Dark Ages CD, the titles says it all!

• Recommended Tracks: (1,7,8) [USA/AZ 2005 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for

- Kweevak Music Magazine

"Muzikman Review"

MUSIC REVIEW Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Title: “GOTHIQUE” Songs of the New Millennium Dark Ages from The Book of Omens
Songwriters: Jackson, Roese & Dominguez
Artist: Various
Genre: Alternative Rock-Electronica-Prog Rock
Label: Music Oracle Ltd. UK

When I opened the package for this CD I was immediately intrigued. This is indeed a rarity as I am not one that is impressed by elaborate press kits. This was not a normal presentation however. This was a neatly tucked away in a gatefold folder held together with a wax seal with a triangle of life logo illustrated by a series of links, signifying man’s connection to all things living and spiritual. The cover represents an ancient temple with two doors, as if to say- “Make your choice…which one do you want to walk through?” And in a sense, it encapsulates the meaning of this entire project.

This CD is a compilation of 15 tracks from three different albums forthcoming from the Gothique From The Book of Omen-Songs of the New Millennium Dark Ages. This particular CD is a demo. It served as a good overview of this project’s premise and the type of music that drives all the messages home. If you have looked around our world lately, there have been several catastrophic events, and I have been mentioning this in other reviews actually, except this time that is what this entire CD revolves around. This music is about the prophecies of the enlightened and those who see the destruction of man imminent, eliminating ourselves from the face of the earth just as we have with countless species of animals. This is happening right before our eyes, yet we choose to standby and watch. They are happening because we ignored all the warnings and scoffed at the mention of so-called crazy foolhardy prophecies. Unfortunately, man has made all the wrong choices and mother earth is pissed, lashing out with a record number of hurricanes, tsunamis, and devastating earthquakes whipping out hundreds of thousands of people. And to top off all of that we are teetering on the brink of WWIII in the Middle East. In short, the world we live in is a mess.

The folks at the Music Oracle Limited intend on serving us a wakeup call through the medium of music. Music can be the most effective tool in getting people off their collective asses to take action, its happened before and it can happen again. There is one major difference now, our very existence as sentient beings is at risk, and we will all be nothing but dust if we continue on this path.

There is a combination of chilling spoken word, electronica, alternative rock, progressive and dance chill out music to present the poignant lyrics presented in each track. The track titles tell the story and it is not difficult to figure out how serious this music is once you read along with the lyrics while listening. This is a very different CD, probably the most unusual that I have heard all year, make no mistake about. It really makes you think about each day you have and how blessed it is to be alive. Inside the messages, are blunt truths about money, greed, lust, poverty, crime…the coming of the end and all the events leading us to an eventual darkness that will cover the planet? This may sound negative but this frightening situation worldwide is real. If it takes music to get the word out then let us listen and take heed. Music may be our last hope. Many years ago, my wife had to convince me to have children and this is exactly why-do they have a future? Can they make a difference or is it too late? Normally I say enjoy the music regardless of the message being translated through it, this time it is more serious than ever to make a stand to change our course.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck- Nov. 4, 2005 Rating-8/10

- Muzikman

"Smother Review"


Gothique’ “Songs of the New Millennium Dark Ages”
Music Oracle Ltd., UK

I’ve got to admit—this is the most impressive press kit I’ve ever seen. Encased in an envelope sealed with wax, the album is nestled inside a very artsy gothic package complete with tear sheets that have their edges frayed and blackened giving it an “old” look. Fortunately the music is just as impressive. Gothic electro with beautifully woven tapestries of electronic rock. Haunting vocals that translate raw and pure emotions into lyrical tales. Shocking prophetic lyrics sung with gutsy downtempo beats and huge synth sweeps. Everything combined, “Songs of the New Millennium Dark Ages” is a gothic EBM tale that will disturb, enlighten, and tantalize all at once.

- J-Sin
- Smother.Net

"Garage Band Review"

Garage Band Reviews/Awards

Blood and Gold

This actually one of the coolest percussion grooves I've EVER heard- it works totally. GREAT vocal and a lyric that makes you move and breath the hear this song and no matter who you are you think 'that's me!' (even though I know this is not about me really). In other words this is a VERY STRONG lyric.

The strength of the arrangement is that it gives the song room to breath with some very compelling instrumental sections. This gives us a nice break from the 'heaviness' of the lyric, just let's the listener groove along. Man, after listening to this I am ready to stand up for my freedom right NOW!

Stand up for your freedom
Great use of percussion arranged and mixed really well. The Kettle Drum underlines the seriousness of the lyrical content, while the "lighter percussion instruments (shaker etc.) drive the rhythm.
Lyrically, this is a wake up call - I'm pretty sure this band is the U.S. and with good reason. Everyone planning on voting for Bush in November should be forced to listen to this song.
There is not a wasted instrument in this arrangement, the guitar complementing the percussion, the synth part serving as counterpoint for the vocals which are doubled and slightly delayed to good effect, all anchored by a simple driving bass line. Super job.

Garageband Awards

All-time: #20 of 300 in World Fusion
Best #86 of 1,069 on 26Oct2004
#11 Best Male Vocals in World Fusion, all-time
#4 Best Drums in World Fusion, all-time
#24 Best Production in World Fusion, all-time
#12 Best Lyrics in World Fusion, all-time
#1 Best Beat in World Fusion, all-time
#7 Grooviest Rhythm in World Fusion, all-time
Best Drums in Pop/Rock, week of 9Aug2004
Best Programming in Pop/Rock, week of 16Aug2004
Grooviest Rhythm in Pop/Rock, week of 9Aug2004
Best Dance Track in Pop/Rock, week of 16Aug2004

Picking up the Pieces

Awesome !!!!
It is not often that I'm blown away by a new song that I've received to review !....This is one of those seldom magic moments !!!!
Absolutely excellent heartfelt vocals coupled to a great melody, with meaningful lyrics !
And as if that isn't enough, we have a superb band of musicians elevating this tune to something akin to a classic rock moment !...Great rhythm section and very fine guitar and keyboard skills !...Top Marks guys !

Track of the Day on 25Jan2005 in Blues Rock
Best Male Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 24Jan2005
Best Programming in Blues Rock, week of 24Jan2005
Best Melody in Blues Rock, week of 24Jan2005
Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 24Jan2005
Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 24Jan2005
Bitter Breakup Song in Blues Rock, week of 24Jan2005

- Garage Band


2005 - The Book of Omens - Songs of the New Millenium Dark Ages (co-produced)
2004- Planet Heaven

2004- Blood and Gold
2005 - Living in a Fantasy

Have had a lot of radio airplay worldwide and internet radio. In 2005 had 2 #1s on the ILS World Independent Charts and several others in the Top 10. Blood & Gold has also won top awards on Garageband.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The band line-up as it will start seriously gigging in 2006 is still being finalized - the name is still to be this space. Have already been offered venues in Europe and Asia. The other notable musician definitely in the band (so far) is Nigel Ross-Scott formerly of Reflex and Dexys. My music, and therefore the stage show is always going to be have a theatrical feel as my biggest personal success has been in writing a reasonably successful stage musical and the whole team connected with us have also film/theatre blood. This does set us apart as all round performers. What also sets us apart is that many of us have expertise and top level connections in the world of international entertainment finance. For the record, my early influences were The Beatles - John of course, Elton, ELO, Genesis, Pink Floyd and later Depeche Mode, U2 and more recently Greg Alexander. Had been dissapointed and frustrated with earlier bands and record companies before we were saved by the relatively recent quantum leap in digital recording.