Billy Jock

Billy Jock


Billy Jock has been a songwriter for half of his life, and will always be one. Performing in New York is fairly new to him, but he thrives on an audience and is eager to play as often as possible. He has really found himself on the stage, and feels compelled to return there.


Billy Jock previously led the band post-neo, but now performs as a soloist. He is a prolific songwriter and his material ranges from introspective and tender to sardonic and cynical. His melodies are sophisticated, yet accessible, and always memorable. When he entered the studio in the summer of 2005 he wanted the recording to be true to his live performances so he recording all seven songs in a row in one take. The recording truly galvenizes the way he plays them as he did not record any additional guitar or vocal tracks and played and sang at the same time into the same microphone. He didn't want to do anything in the studio that he couldn't do live by himself. He has evolved in the way in which he performs his most recent compositions and plans to enter the studio again to capture them while their fresh.


Billy Jock (2005)

Set List

30-45 minute set of originals.