Billy Joe Murphy & Yesterday's Love Song

Billy Joe Murphy & Yesterday's Love Song


"From the lyrical and musical stylings of Jeff Buckley to the desire for the subtle arrangements of Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks" the inspirations behind the album are apparent. It's also hard to ignore the subtle undertones of Led Zeppelin III and the Rolling Stones 'Exile on Main Street"


Signed by Atticus Records early this summer.
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"When you feel you feel……and when you’ve felt
you’ll live to feel again."
South East Pennsylvania (Outside of Philadelphia) has been home to me for the majority of my life. Most of that time was spent writing and playing with a few close friends while being inspired by my older brother Trip Murphy and all he did musically.

In 1999 when I left for school in North Carolina, I would complete my first solo album, Billy the Kid “Out of This World”. Seth Moody, fellow musician and co-producer of “Billy Joe Murphy & Yesterday’s Love Song” was my primary collaborator on this LP. After that solo album was complete I moved to Athens, Georgia to finally be with the one whose absence six years later would inspire this album.

Our last years of college were spent back up in Pennsylvania, where my focus was diverted away from music....

...but there’s something about a major life change that gets the drive going to say something. You find that your willing to take a risk, a risk that could ultimately end up saving you.

With a renewed drive, I moved back down to North Carolina. It was there where I met up with my musical idols (Trip Murphy, Seth Moody, and Matt Barbour) and asked for their help in communicating what I had to say. One month and many loans later we were on a plane to Woodstock, New York and the legendary Bearsville Studio to record “Billy Joe Murphy & Yesterday’s Love Song". We all have and will feel loss somewhere and sometime in our lives and when it happens you want a release……here is my release to You.


Billy Joe Murphy & Yesterday's Love Song


It was recorded at Legendary BEARSVILLE STUDIOS in Woodstock, NY, home of such classics as Jeff Buckley's "Grace," Dave Matthews Band's "Crash," and REM's "Out of Time." Also Bob Dylan, the Pretenders, The Band and the Rolling Stones.

Set List

Mostly original...consisting of about 12-16 songs

covers: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Prince, Queen.