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Swindon, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Swindon, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"The Darkness Of The Night Review"

‘The Darkness Of The Night’ from Swindon-based singer/songwriter BillyJon, is a solid debut which features dynamic song writing and smooth musicianship. While nothing on the EP is truly ground-breaking, BillyJon still displays a uniqueness to his song writing and his delivery which sets him apart from the other singer/songwriters in his class. The first track, ‘Our Song’, starts with a melancholic guitar line which I really loved. It's one of those melodies that you wish you'd written; it's so smooth and familiar. Thirty seconds in and the mood shifts. What was once a soft melody morphs seamlessly into a sharp, strummed verse. As BillyJon's vocals kick in, I can't help but think he'd be better off with the power of a band behind him; his voice is strong and it slightly over-powers the music. Saying that, the song is great structurally, the energy is definitely there and the lyrics and music work perfectly together. This is a great song to open up the EP as it really shows how dynamic BillyJon can be and this is definitely a standout track. I hate to say it, but the second track, ‘Paper Cup’, does not follow suit. For me, this is the low point of the record: I found the rhymes rather simple and slightly clichéd. While that's not always a bad thing, in this song it just doesn't work. This song is a filler track and I thought it should have been put closer to the end of the EP, or taken out completely so as not to ruin the flow. The music, however, is nice and even the vocal melody works well; it's one you can hum along to. With better thought out lyrics this could have made this EP a home-run. Unfortunately, it falls short of the mark.

‘Oh So Softly’ is a return in the right direction. Again, this track starts with a nice soft intro, but this time the feel of the track stays on the calm side. The music is very fitting underneath the lyrics about, what I assume is, the loss of a 'Mr Robinson'. While obviously being about the loss of someone close to BillyJon, the vocals remain warm and the music soft, this makes it really easy listening while still retaining its power and emotion. This song will definitely go down well in a live setting.

‘Home’ is sure to be BillyJon's most popular song on this EP; great tune and great (slightly obscene?) lyrics that are sure to have people singing along. While this song isn't an 'anthem' as such, the song writing is strong and there are hooks that will leave the listener entranced. It has to be said that this is another track that could benefit from a couple of band members and a bit of distortion. The song's great as it is but there's space for a bit more 'oomph' which could really benefit the song if it's done right. There are all the ingredients here for a hit song and this is by far the best song on the EP. I strongly urge you to take a listen to this one. The final song, named ‘Lullaby’, is a nice ending to the EP; it is another testament to BillyJon's skills as a songwriter. The track gains momentum as it goes on and sections sound very Goo Goo Dolls-esque which can only be a good thing.

'The Darkness Of The Night' has showed off BillyJon's talents as a songwriter and as a musician. I would love to see BillyJon involved in other musical projects as well as carrying on his solo work. I'll be honest and say that it took me a few listens to get into the EP but now, I'm sure a few of the songs will make it onto a few playlists. BillyJon has shown there's some room to grow and if he keeps working hard, I'm sure he'll find success he deserves.

"The Acoustic Sessions"

BillyJon is a skilled musician who's music is a cocktail of driving rhythm, sweet melodies & sentimental lyrics.

- Riffs Bar, Swindon

"Billyjon - The Darkness of the Night."

It has been said that music is what feelings sound like and if that is the case, then these songs are the perfect embodiment of that sentiment. They will immediately resonate with anyone who allows themselves to be bathed in their honesty, formed as they are from tears and memory.

Never afraid to deal with themes close to the heart, here we find Billyjon taking us down a darker and possibly slightly more mature path than on previous musical journeys. At times wistful and reflective at others more insular and troubled, the 'Darkness Of The Night' lets all of these hidden emotions see the light of day.

In a souless musical time, these songs will reconnect you with the basic, important, emotional themes of life; both the dark and light aspects of the heart. If music is the wine that fills the cup of silence, then this is the sparkle and the heady aroma of what should prove to be a very special year.

- Greenman Music

"The Darkness Of The Night – BillyJon"

The simplicity of one man (or woman, it is the 00s after all) and a guitar is a powerful thing. There is nowhere to hide, no band to lose yourself in, no wall of noise to hide behind. Just the songwriter and their songs, so better make it good.

‘The Darkness Of The Night’ by Swindon based BillyJon is indeed a collection of five acoustic tracks, troubled, brooding and really rather good.

Emotionally it is fairly personal affair; matters of the heart both broken and full are dealt with beautifully and more importantly, genuinely.

‘Our Song’ is a perfect example of how to convey sentiment without the saccharine, no need for X-Factor style histrionics here, the chorus of ‘And the birds they sing no more, they’ve fall ill and lost their voice’ is heart-breaking in its poignancy.

There is slightly more hope in ‘Paper Cup’ rather than the love lost of the opening track; it feels like love on the rocks with a certain sense of uncertainty, our protagonist is smitten but is the recipient?

These two songs sum up why I like this EP so much, clearly these songs are about specific times in BillyJon’s life but there is room within the lyrics for it to resonate with everyone and space for the listener to weave their own memories into the fabric of the songs.

Vocally there are definite shades of Robert Smith, ‘Oh So Softly’ has a vaguely Dylan-esque ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ quality about it but there is a confidence to BillyJon’s writing that make these touching stones rather than leaning posts.

We live in a time where the bland, faceless banality of modern ‘pop’ has saturated the market but whilst there are artists like BillyJon around, genuine and affecting, we live in hope the bubble will burst and real music will once more get the recognition it deserves.



The Darkness Of The Night EP - 2010
Across The Sea EP - 2011
If I Were A Lion EP - Coming 2013



In a world dominated by style over substance, it is refreshing to find artists that are not looking to get a foot on the celebrity fast-track but have a real passion for the craft of song writing, Billyjon is such a person.

Having been driven from an early age to express himself in words and then learning to fashion songs on his brothers guitar, he has propelled himself via open mic nights to gigs in his own right both on the West Country circuit as well as better known venues such as The Clapham Grand, The Sound Café and Bush Hall. He has also gone onto support Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn. Mark Morris (The Bluetones), Chris Helme (The Seahorses), Gavin Butler (The Blackout) and NEEDTOBREATHE (Atlantic).

Musically Billyjon portrays a personal honesty built from real life thoughts and emotions in his songs, driven on by a bright acoustic sound and an approachable style which audiences find immediately accessible.

Whether you catch the artist in solo mode or as the full band, you are guaranteed a show of well crafted and well executed songs on subjects that you can all relate too.