Billy Lord

Billy Lord

 New York City, New York, USA

A rising star of the New York City music scene, BIlly Lord plays American music... rock, acoustic rock, folk, and country. With descriptive lyrics,strong hooks, melodic sensibility and the guitar as the focal point, Lord's music evokes American life at its core. Music you want on a road trip...


Originally from the West Coast, Billy Lord grew up in Oregon in the 70's, with Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, and Elton John as early musical influences.
As a teenager, relocated to the East Coast, Lord's music tastes moved toward 80's hard rock and eventually to the grunge sound of the 90's. While in high school, Lord was a member of a few fleeting hard rock bands, but hung up the guitar after his college years to climb the corporate ladder in the publishing industry.
In 2009, Lord left the corporate world forever, and dusted off the old Washburn acoustic that had been sitting in its case for nearly a dozen years.
Now dedicated to music, mostly American folk and rock, Lord has completed writing his first full length album and us currently in the studio working with acclaimed producer and musician, Lu Rubino,
The album, featuring twelve original songs, is due to be released in May 2012.
The video for Fighting Back (Going Dark) is set to debut in April.
Lord is now living and performing in New York City.


Fighting Back, single March 2012
On a Summer Night, single March 2012
American Music, full length album May 2012

Set List

The Long Road
Good Riddance
Written in the Stars
Self Made Man
California Thief
On a Summer Night
Hold on To
Thing Called Love
Toss One Back