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"VUE Weekly article - May 1, 2008"

Week of May 1, 2008, Issue #654


Billy Manzik Band



Billy Manzik’s a worldly fellow—literally. While he was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, he didn’t stick around there for long. Throughout the course of his life, he’s lived in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the United States, Japan and Korea. For now, Manzik has settled down in Calgary, but he speculates that restlessness—like music—is something he will always carry in his blood.

“My mom is a Patsy Kline impersonator,” Manzik states matter-of-factly. “She actually just got back from Texas. She did a tour down there this winter. She lives in Thunder Bay, but she [usually] tours around the Great Lakes and whatnot playing events there.”

Manzik was actually an electrician up until a year and a half ago, following in his father’s footsteps and trying his hand in the trades, but he quickly decided that that life wasn’t for him.

“[Part of] why I want to [make music] is because I want to continue to travel,” Manzik confesses. “Like, I want to play in Europe. I’ve never been to Europe. I wanna go there, and Australia [again].”

That said, Manzik’s idea of touring is very different from what most people might imagine the road to be like. Manzik and his band don’t want to just visit 30 cities over a couple of months or so. They want to be road-dogs, they want to play a lot, Manzik explains.

“Like, I’d like to play 200 gigs a year if we can, or when we can,” he says. “I don’t know, I just look at guys like Willie Nelson and guys like that. They just keep on doing it.”

Manzik has another reason for wanting to play so much, as he points out.

“The thing is, I get into too much trouble when I’m not playing,” he admits. “Well, not too much, but I’d rather be playing than doing anything else.”
That said, Manzik has gotten into some trouble when he’s been on the road too.

“I used to live in Lake Louise about 15 years ago. And I would [hitchhike] through the mountains and I would run into people who were ‘interesting’ people,” Manzik laughs nervously. “But the odd time too, it would get kind of scary, too. You would think, ‘Oh, is he going to pull a gun out from under his seat?’”

Since those frightening days, Manzik’s travelled a long way. His music has been featured in a short film, it has climbed into the top 10 charts at several radio stations and he’s been invited to this year’s Big Valley Jamboree. All, in all, it’s been quite the trip.

“Well, a year ago I was getting shot at in this condemned trailer park in Rainbow Lake [and now] I’m holding a letter I got from the Juno Awards Committee thanking us for starting off the weekend—we played the Juno reception there,” Manzik recounts. “So from getting shot at in a trailer park and hating my job to playing for Michael Bublé a year later. It’s sort of like ‘What?’” V

Fri, May 2 (8 pm)
Billy Manzik Band
Blue Chair Café, $13 (advance), $15 (door) - VUE Weekly, Edmonton, AB

"CALGARY SUN article on Dec. 1, 2007"

CALGARY SUN Saturday, December 1, 2007

Long and winding road led Manzik to Calgary -- for now


Somewhere between Korea, Mexico, Hollywood and his home town of Thunder Bay, Billy Manzik found his calling.

But the Calgary-based musician's road to song hasn't come without trial and error.

Manzik is not so much a jack-of-all-trades as he is an (extremely) restless soul.

First, there was accounting school. Then it was off to bum around Australia for year. He returned home to Canada to pursue art school, but quickly found he wasn't fond of that either.

"I didn't like being told how to make art," says Manzik, 35.

He headed to Lake Louise for a few months, but the mountains soon grew cumbersome.

So he crossed the border to North Carolina and fell in love with bluegrass music while he worked odd jobs.

Manzik soon grew bored with that, too, and flew to Asia, thinking it would be a favourable idea to give teaching English in Korea and Japan a go.

"Well, I did that for a while, but I basically just ended up playing guitar all the time."

It was good-bye Korea, hello Victoria, B.C., where he met a girl and thought, for a brief moment, maybe it was time to finally settle down.

"That didn't really work out, so I went back to Thunder Bay," he says.

It was during a road trip to Mexico where Manzik accidentally stumbled on a life experience that would make him realize that a career somewhere between the arts and show business was what he was after.

Halfway to Mexico, Manzik got side-tracked when he ran into a man by the name of Charles Gary Allison -- co-founder (with actor Robert Redford) of the Sundance Film Festival.

Over a few drinks and good conversation in L.A., Manzik and Allison forged a fast friendship. The screenwriter and film producer suggested Manzik stick around for a month or two to soak up the sun and Hollywood culture.

"I just wanted to go to Mexico and return home. I had my car loaded up with my guitar, my bike and my tent. But I ended up staying in California for a while."

The month spent bumming around the Hollywood Hills with Allison had a profound effect on Manzi, who rubbed shoulders with many of L.A.'s elite movie moguls.

It was the connection through Allison that eventually got Manzik's new CD through the doors of Capitol Records.

The company agreed to master Manzik's freshman self-titled recording, which was recorded in Calgary.

The rootsy, folk musician now lives in Calgary full-time.

"I feel like I'm ready to get moving again. I'm a country boy at heart, and right now I live in the middle of the city. But I want to stay here for now, because my whole band is based here and they're amazing," says Manzik.

Time will tell how long Calgary can hold Manzik's attention. His gypsy-like personality could soon have him on the road again. - Calgary Sun Newspaper, Calgary, AB

"Billy Manzik Pulls It AllTogetherNow!"

Canadian musician Billy Manzik has been compared to both Steve EarleSteve Earle & Ryan AdamsRyan Adams. But Billy owes and owns comparisons much broader than that! His new CD "AllTogethernow" shows an eclectic and electric influence that goes back to both The Band & Buffalo Springfield....but always distincly Billy Manzik!
The 11 masterful cuts on his second album pays tribute to a plethora of both Rock & Roll and Blues influences. Produced by Chris Wardman ( Tragically HipTragically Hip & Randy BachmanRandy Bachman) in Toronto, this CD will both rock and knock your socks off! I confess to being an "old school" kinda guy..brought up on 60's Rock and folk..maturing with Springsteen and John PrineJohn Prine. Billy Manzik rekindles that love for hard-drivin', slide-guitarin'. mouth harpin' music. This CD puts him somewhere between a Delta Steve MillerSteve Miller meeting Bo DiddleyBo Diddley and the Boss somewhere out on Highway 61...
From the hard-driving nervous energy of the opening cut "On A Road" through the Stevie Ray Vaughn sound of "Same Thing Goes"....Billy hits all the right notes. The mixing is masterfull..the back-ups melodious and the accompaniment magnificent. This is an album to remember..a threshold and breakthrough for a new artist. It is Bruce Cockburn meeting Jackson Browne..or Buffet meeting Dylan. Sometimes raucous..always rocking..rarely missing a beat..or a note..or a nuance.
Like the last cut.."Note to Self"...go out and buy this's a keeper!
- Allvoices


"Billy Manzik is a great songwriter, right up there with Steve Earle and Ryan Adams."

Michael Murphy, Supervisor, Capitol Records Mastering

"When I hear Billy play, I want to jump on stage and sing along! Great toe-tappin' music."

Cara Luft, Singer/Songwriter (formerly of the Wailin' Jennys)

“Billy Manzik has been a great addition to the Live From the Rock Folk Festival for the past two summers. In addition to being a fine musician he is also a wonderful festival performer. In workshops and in concert he tells the story behind the song and has a sensibility which enables him to pick the right song for the right time and place. I have no hesitation in recommending him for your festival.”

Liz Harvey-Foulds, Artistic Director - Live From the Rock Folk Festival

"It was great having Billy perform at the festival - he was loved by the crowd and was a fantastic guy to work with. His songs had a real genuine feeling about them - they were right from the heart - bottom line, having Billy here was a really good experience - he exceeded my expectations."

Clay Brander, Sunshine Music Festival, Powell River, BC

“Billy Manzik’s CD release party at the Ironwood was fantastic. Great entertainers, very talented musicians and wonderful music. I will keep track of where and when these guys play next! Looking forward to hiring them for some of our events as well in the mountains.”

Sara Elson, Peak Events

"A fresh new voice on the Canadian music scene."

Rob Smith, Rocky Mountain Studio

"It has been wonderful watching Billy grow as an artist over a short few years and to see and hear his work develop. Billy has crafted a sound and style that is compelling and authentic. Full of ideas and life his songs thoughtfully reflect and boldly challenge. In performance Billy has found his groove working with great players, employing dynamics and sophisticated chops. I’m a fan."

John Rutherford, Director, Music Programming, Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts

"The world needs to listen to Billy Manzik. He's a modern day adventurer who has lived all over the world, and as a result has a wealth of insight to offer regarding the human experience. Couple this with exciting roots guitar playing and an ear for melody and delicate harmony and you get a powerhouse performer. This is evident in the following Billy has already accumulated in his young career. I look forward to Billy's development, and you should too."

Daniel J Coe, Producer (Aerosmith, David Lynch Films)
- Various

"Media Coverage"

Upcoming Article in Avenue Magazine! Date TBA.

Radio Appearances:

CJSW 90.9's "Bella Musica" with host Kenna Burima - October 2007

CBC's "Key of A" with host Katherine Duncan - September 2007

In-studio live performance and interview on CKUA Radio's 'Folk Routes' - 2008

Upcoming Radio appearance:
Live @ 5 Performance The New Calgary 97.7FM - November 2008

Television Apprearances:

City TV Calagary Breakfast Television - January 2008

City TV Edmonton Breakfast Television - May 2008

- Various- TV, Radio and magazines


LP "Billy Manzik" - 2007

Radio play and podcasts on numerous stations worldwide:

"You Didn't Know Me"
"One More Time"
"Alone And Blue"
"Back To Hell Again"
"Woman Versus Nature"
"Take This Bottle"

LP "AllTogetherNow" - 2009 (soon to be released!)



"Billy Manzik is a great songwriter, right up there with Steve Earle and Ryan Adams."

- Michael Murphy, Capitol Records Mastering

Billy Manzik's journey began where Highway 61, the 'Blues Highway', ends - in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The soundtrack for his childhood was provided by his guitar-slinging, country singing mother, and her love of all things sound. His 2007 debut recording, 'Billy Manzik', received extensive radio play across Canada and abroad, charting well on college radio, as well being featured on CBC Radio's "Key Of A". His performance at the 2008 Alberta Songwriter Sessions was recorded and broadcast nationally on CBC. He and his band were invited to kick off the 2008 Juno Awards (Canada's Grammy awards) with a spirited performance at their awards reception.

Billy Manzik's new album, 'AllTogetherNow', is music for modern times. It was produced by Chris Wardman (The Tragically Hip, Randy Bachman, The Watchmen, among others) in Toronto, Canada. Diverse music with plenty of energy, hope, a touch of melancholy, but mostly, just plain fun.

'AllTogetherNow' was created by a seasoned group of accomplished musicians, with noted piano/keyboardist Geoff Hilhorst (Deep Dark Woods) lending his hands in the shaping of it's sound. It is a modern, roots-rock take on our changing times. Aware, without dispair.

2010 promises to be another busy year for Billy Manzik with the release of 'AllTogetherNow'.

Past Highlights:

- Invited to perform at the 2008 Juno Awards Reception in Calgary, AB.

- Shared a stage with Canadian greats Blue Rodeo at the Warner Brothers 2008 Juno Awards Weekend Wrap-Up Event.

- Performed on the main stage for the City of Calgary's Canada Day Celebration in 2008 and 2009.

- "You Didn't Know Me", from 'Billy Manzik', received a short film treatment and placed #4 on CBC BC's top 5 songs of 2007.

- Shared stages and bills with very diverse artists and acts; Blue Rodeo, Grady (Gordie Johnson of Austin, Texas), Elliot Brood, Justin Rutledge, Deep Dark Woods, violinist Bill Zulak (Crash Test Dummies), and many more.

- Awarded a grant from Canada's Rawlco Radio in their 10K20 Program, helping to fund 'AllTogetherNow'.

- National live-concert broadcast on CBC Radio's "Concert On Demand".

- Performed at the NXNE Conference 2008 in Toronto, ON.

- Performed at numerous festivals and clubs, coast to coast in Canada.