Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell


BillyMitchell's music is like a trip to Key West via “The Twilight Zone”; great fun, full of twists. Billy's songs are inspired by the wit of Shel Silverstein, the eccentricity of John Prine with a dash of Spike Jones for good measure.


An unabashed Boomer, Billy's music resonates, involves and entertains, spanning emotionally from heartfelt to hilarious.

His original music is recorded on four CDs: "What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?", "The Diva of the Silver Top Diner" & "Gumbo Beach" and most recently "Detour", which was nominated 2012 Americana Album of the year by Motif Magazine.

Billy has been performing for over 30 years on the New England waterfronts and regionally in venues like Dick’s Last Resort in Boston and The House of Blues on Sunset Strip in L.A.

Comfortable with any sized crowd, his specialty is more intimate venues (decks, docks, private parties, house concerts, etc) where he can connect with the audience and make them part of the fun.

An emancipated advertising agency creative director, he has written many radio commercials and jingles. (A music video received a nationally recognized Telly award).

Billy is a published ASCAP songwriter with a catalog of over 50 original songs represented in Nashville by Springbarrel Songwriter Services. He is also a board member of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association.

Billy lives on a pond in West Kingston, RI with the love of his life, a family of Canadian Geese and, at last count, 473 rainbow trout.


I Wish I Could remember What I Said I'd Never Forget

Written By: Billy Mitchell

Well I woke up this morning, opened up my eyes real slow.
I had this funny feelin', there was somethin' I should know
Rubbed the sleep off my face, looked around the place, for something that would ring a bell.
Scratched my head, went back to bed, this story is so hard to tell

Was it somethin' I said, was it somethin' I read, was it somethin' that I should have done?
Was it somethin' I ate, must have been great and I'm sure it was a lot of fun.
Did it give me a thrill, did it make my blood chill, I don't have a clue just yet.
And I wish I could re-member, what I said I would never forget.

Yes it's drivin' me half crazy, I just can't figure it out.
The answer's just plain missin'. There's a shadow of a doubt.
Can't put my finger on it. Got an ever present feelin' of doom.
Thoughts come and go, guess I'll never know , why I walked in-to this room.....

Was it somethin' I lost, was it somethin that cost me a hundred dollar bill?
Was it somethin' I drank was it somethin' that stank, was it somethin' that could kill?
This pain in my head, when I sit up in bed says it was fantastic yet..
I wish I could re-member, what I said I would never for-get.

Now some things ain't worth knowin' and some won't go away.
But some things are so wonderful, you want to keep them every day.
And when that magic happens, hold it close to you.
Cause just like I said, It goes out of your head, PHFTT, what the heck you gonna do?

Was it somethin' I broke, was it somethin' I smoked, Was it somethin' that I heard?
Was it somethin' I smelled, was it somethin' I yelled, was I reminded by a little bird?
Was it somethin' I seen, this is makin' me scream, was it someone that I should have met
Oh, I wish I could remember, what I said I would never forget. Yes I wish I could remember,
what I said I would never forget.

Week 41

Written By: Billy Mitchell

So we took a trip to that sunny clime, figured that we’d spend some time
just veggin’ on the beach, for a week or so.
The room we got was quite a surprise, right on the water, we could feast our eyes
on the surf, the sun, the pool , the whole nine yards.
We said to each other it was quite a score, a piece of heaven on the shore,
and just about then a knock came at the door.
I greeted our visitor; it was appropriate, she said she was a sales associate,
wanted to aquaint us with something called time sharin'.
Told us that we were in luck, the previous owners had broken up,
and for just half price, we could have Week number 41.

Week 41, gonna have us so much fun, walkin’ the beach and soakin’ up sun
Week 41, I’m the owner, I'm the one, it’s all mine all week…41

Yea we bought a piece of that golden coast, made up our minds that the most
We'd do all week was eat and drink and sleep…. and drink.
It was time to settle in to our abode, start to unpack some of the clothes,
I went to hang up my pressed t-shirts
There were two people in the closet, in bathin’ suits, quite a composite
and they looked at us with real sheepish grins.
He said excuse me , my name is Shorty, me and my wife, we're from week 40
we love this place so much, we just couldn't check out.
Well you gotta be gracious if you own the place, so I thought I’d help them save some face,
and I said, heck, be our guests there’s plenty of room.

Week 41, gonna have us so much fun, walkin’ the beach and soakin’ up sun
Week 41, I’m the owner, I'm the one, it’s all mine all week…41

So the four of us began to move about, unpackin’ clothes, checkin’ things out
and then came another knockin at the door.
Was it that lady with papers to sign? Can you imagine how it blew my mind
when I heard........How're you... we’re from week 39!
And meet our friends from week 36, some college kids and some local chicks
this place is great, so we figured we just drop by.
Just about then the phone started ringin, the buzzer buzzed, and I heard people singin
And the folks from the unit upstairs piled through the door.
The body count got to eighteen, it had become a confusin’ scene
I did what I had to do...I bought a keg of beer

Week 41, gonna have us so much fun, walkin’ the beach and soakin’ up sun
Week 41, I’m the owner, I'm the one, it’s all mine all week…41

By the time the cops came on the scene, the place was jumpin, it was a scream
we had just invited half of the town to stay.
The Chief of Police said "who owns this place?" There I was with a smile on my face
and said Hi Chief, so nice of you to join us.
He said I know I should be upset, but this is the best party I’ve seen yet
I think you'll be an asset to this community.
After you finish with all your guests, go back north and get some rest
and give us some notice next time you’re in town

But do me favor Week 41, get the place spotless before you run
Because you are lookin at none other than the Chief....of week 42. Hee, hee

Oh really... well

Week 42, It'll be just me and you, we'll own this town by the time we're through
Week 42, Vote for me and I'll vote for you, Hot fun on 41 and 42

yeah yeah week 41 & 42, Hot dog week 41 & 42,

But Not Today

Written By: Billy Mitchell

I'll get out of this chair, put down the re-mote, tackle that list of chores she wrote
Gonna make real progress, get to it right a-way
Gonna clean out the attic, then I'll cut the lawn, probably be workin' till the break of dawn
gonna jump right on it...... but not today

Not to-day, no not to-day, it's a serious decision, the choice between work and play
Now you might think this is a cheap stall, but there's nothing as good as 'doin nothin' at all
I will be a ball of fire..... but not today

I'm gonna wash the car, make it sparklin' clean Windex the windows so I can be seen
might change the oil, and empty that full ash-tray
Then I'll go down to the Gym for a cardio burn, jump on the old cross-trainer, make it really churn
I will even pump iron.... but not today

I'm gonna take much better care of myself, No processed food from the super market shelf
I'll be mean and lean, every ounce I will weigh
after I get rid of that body fat, I'll get some fancy clothes, imagine that
I will look like Richard Gere...but not today

Gonna get a real job at the office park, work like the devil from dawn to dark
I will love my boss, hang on every word he say
Save all of the cabbage that I make, maybe get a presidential tax code break
Be a corporate tool....but not today


Now all this stress is wearin' me out, I gotta speak my mind and say
This wall to wall schedule is makin' me shout, There are just so many hours in the day
and if you think I'm fakin' or pro-cras-ti-natin', have I got news for you
Cause I'm -a gonna show you what this man is made of, gonna show you what I can do-oooo



Written By: Billy Mitchell

Hey, it's great to see you, how are you today? If there's anything you need, just let me know, OK?
It's such a thrill to see you. Thanks for comin' by. All my pals are showing up I'm such a lucky guy
You're looking great this morning. Ain't the weather fine? Come on in and feel at home, we'll have a peachy time.

You can find me in the lobby of the Wal-Mart every day. Sayin' Hi to passersby that come and go away.
Welcome to our store, it's the finest in the land. So glad you could stop by, but I really don't give a damn.

I'll make sure you know, what's on sale today. Even though secretly, I wish you'd go away
I'll study your receipts; make sure that they're legit. Just to veri-fy, you're not a thievin' twit
Calmly I'll point out, for the hundredth time. The restroom is below, that gi-gantic flashing sign .


A downsizing tsunami put me on the street, now I'm in this blue smock, 8 hours on my feet.
Hardware to the left, Houseware to the right, No my dear, you're confused, we don't have a blue light.
If you think that this is easy, have I got news for you, if I had the chance, I'd be in Timbuk-to


Tomorrow is a new day, I'll change this attitude. No question that's too foolish, no shopper that's too rude.
I'll keep it all together; I'll stay right on track. But just in case I don't, cut me a little slack
This job would get to anyone, it ain't no big disgrace, if all day long you had to stare at that smiley face. So

Chorus 2X

Gettin' Old Ain't for Sissies

Written By: Billy Mitchell

If you’re thinkin’ you can handle, any-thing that comes your way
you’ve seen it all before, a real tough mother they all say
ain’t nothin’ in this world gonna get the best of you, the rock of Gibraltar since 1962
I'll you right now, you ain’t seen mean, till you come face to face with an exercise machine

Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
you can pump-it, jump-it, do what you gotta do, gettin’ old make a fool out of you.

When your body starts to slippin’ it can be an ugly thing
like a mudslide down a mountain or a pong without a ping
don’t let it get you down, don’t mean a goddam thing
Cause even with that wide berth, you know you still can swing
hormones a-ragin’, hot flashes kickin’ in
It takes an act of congress to remember where you’ve been

Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
you can cream-it, steam-it, do what you gotta do, gettin’ old make a woman out of you.

So your get up has gone, your money is all spent
you’re lookin’ for your hairline, you don't know where it went
fumble-in around, wondrin’ what to do
without prescription glasses, you haven’t got a clue
all is not lost, hey, hey look-a here,
you still can find your way around the pop-top of a beer

Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
you can tap-it, rap-it, do what you gotta do gettin’ old make a man out of you.

You know the strong survive, the weak ones go away
That's more than you can say about your 401K
Take whatever comes along, the harsh and unforgiving
And you will keep away from what they call assisted living.

Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies,
you can tap-it, rap-it, do what you gotta do, gettin’ old take the wussy out of you.

Chorus 2X

The Road

Written By: Billy Mitchell

As the cold wind blows the dust across my shoulders, I think about the things that made me feel.
Like findin’ a warm place when it got colder, after you’ve been workin’ in the field.
Or bringin’ all the good folk down to Main Street, for a day of browsin’ in the shops.
The Grocer and the Tailor and the Five and Dime, and afterwards a stroll around the park.

I am the road that used to take you back home, in a time when no one ever was alone.
Our future’s in the past, we have to make the good things last
So we never loose our way back home.

I’ve seen wide eyed kids off to motion pictures, when all that they could watch is black and white.
And star-crossed, young lovers to the drive-in, in daddy’s brand new car on a Saturday night.
I’ve shown risin’ stars the way to find their fortunes, and sweethearts to the preacher to be one
I’ve helped them come and go, but in the end they know, what they take a way can never be undone.


I’ve packed off all your children to the school house, to learn about the things that made us great.
How we rose together when the time came, and turned back those who tried to change our fate.
I’ve sent sons and brothers off to serve their country, because they felt inside they had to fight.
And one by one, I’d bring them back when they were done, so we could rest in peace every night.



People thought I was obsolete, just a run down two way street, full of potholes, ruts….and filled in cracks.

And though they see I’m turnin’ gray, they keep comin’ to this day,
‘cause I’ve carried all we stand for on my back.


(last line..or we’ll never find our way)

What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?

Written By: Billy Mitchell

I've been told that the world is a terrible place. There are people out to get you and
I can't even see a face. I should run and hide and get depressed, get real mad,
but I must confess, that ain't the way I deal with adversity.

Yes, I've been told I should be an angry man.
Get in touch with my demons, atone for my ancestral shame.
Well I got another method if it's all the same. A way to beat the fear and all the pain,
and I hope I'm not gonna be mis-understood. Tell me what's so bad about feelin' good?

Yeah what's so bad about feelin' good?
If they try to run you down just let 'em know that they never ever could
Gonna live my life like I think I should. (your)
Accentuate the positive and knock on wood. So what's so bad, about feelin' good.


Now I know full well, things are in a serious state. There's a hangin' in the balance that
will probably decide my fate. But you see so far, life has been great, I'm gonna live it up
before it gets too late. Nothin' in the world's gonna take that away from me.

Now I know there is a time when the rubber's gotta meet the road.
And I'm the first to lend a shoulder when we gotta share a heavy load.
But till that, day my disposition won't fade, ain't no one ever gonna rain on my parade
and THAT is what ain't bad about feelin' good

Chorus 2x

Says Who?

Written By: Billy Mitchell

Well you and I, we both try to contribute to society.
We do our time in that daily grind, be as good as we can be.
If that ain’t enough, there’s too much stuff, to keep up with every day.
A conflagration of information comin’ at us in every way.
To sort out this mess, we’ve been blessed with experts and gurus.
To break it down, turn it all around and find the news that we can use.

Says who? Says who? I wanna see the credentials, for those tellin’ us what’s new
Says who? Says who? You might hear it, read it, watch it, but that don’t mean it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong, we need a little news to know what’s goin’ on.
But all the folks you could ever believe are sadly dead and gone.
A lot of reportage is just garbage, the agenda is crystal clear.
Do they check their facts? Is it just an act to boost their own career.
We got unnamed sources, heard on the street, speaking anonymously.
It’s been said and widely reported, there’s a scoop for you and me.

Says who? Says who? I who are these people?I Don't think they have a clue.
Says who? Says who? You might hear it, read it, watch it, but that don’t mean it’s true.

There’s bloggers, analysts, talk show hosts and website CEOs
Political hacks and celebrities, all of them in the know.
And just when you think it can’t get worse, we got YouTube, Facebook and Tweets.
Now anyone at all can chime right in, golly ain’t that sweet?

Says who? Says who? All kinds of scary people tryin’ to tell us what to do
Says who? Says who? Don’t need you thinkin’ for me, if it's all the same to you
Says who? Says who? When I hear it, read it, watch it, I’ll figure out what to do.
When you hear it, read it, watch it, you’ll figure out what to do.
When I hear it, read it, watch it, I’ll figure out what to do.

The Diva of the Silver Top Diner

Written By: Billy Mitchell

She had a red checkered apron with big white frills. One look in her eyes would make a grown man’s blood chill.
I walked in from a midnight run; she said “what can I getcha hon?”
I gave her my choice, then I heard that voice.

She sang, “Give me a shingle with a shimmy and a shake and a hot blonde in sand.
Flop two, fry two, let the sun shine, a sinker for each hand.”
The room stood still as she blew away the grille, she’s the super star of this breakfast bar
the Diva of The Silver Top Diner, and I’m her biggest fan.

Got a voice like an angel, but works like the devil every day.
Savin’ her tips to go to Nash-ville and play.
Every day she’s stealin’ the show. Got a warm up band called A Cup of Joe.
Turn off the juke-box , ‘cause this menu mama rocks.


Yes she’s the Diva of The Silver Top Di-i-ner.
Got ‘em standin’ in the aisles, the Aluminum Room headliner.
She knows which side her bread is buttered, some day soon she’ll be discovered,
but as for now her songs will be... Shredded, scattered, chunked,
smothered and covered.


(best waitress in the land, I wanna be in her band)
What can I getcha hon?

The Key

Written By: Billy Mitchell

12 years old on my paper route, kickin’ the mud off of my left boot when I saw it there.
It was small and brass and it looked kind of funny, figured some day it would get me some money, so I kept it.
Put it in my pocket that day.
Went on my way to deliver the news, pick up the pace, no time to lose…and I thought about what I had.

This key I found layin’ on the ground’s gonna make me rich one day.
Keep it to myself; it’ll bring great wealth, when the right time comes my way
Untold pleasures and unlocked treasures, how much is hard to say
This key I found layin’ on the ground is gonna make me rich one day.

Took that key, kept it close to me, safe and sound as it could be, never out of sight.
Then one day in the classified, an ad about a key caught my eye, had a big reward…. So I picked up the telephone.
Dialed that number just as fast as I could, on the other end a lady’s voice said “Good”…
“Let’s see if we can make a deal”.


Knocked on the door of that little shack, it was on my paper route can you imagine that. The door opened.
She said that’s the key I lost the other day, for a box that holds letters since he went away, a while ago.
A tear rolled down her cheek.
I read them to the children every day; it’s like hearin’ his voice, the things he would say…give anything to get it back.

She went to the cupboard for a fifty dollar bill and said “This is yours”, held out a trembling hand.
More money than I ever seen in one place, but I looked away, said “No thank you ma’am.….But this is yours”.

Nothing was worth the smile on her face when she unlocked that box. … It was a reunion
She said come children, come and meet a new friend, hope he visits a while… and comes back again
It meant so much more.
I’ll never forget what that key taught me bout giving and receiving and the way things should be…
And that will always be the key.

Last line 2nd time “made me rich that day”


Detour, released in the Fall of 2011.
1. Says Who?
2. Rollback
3. The Road
4. Prescription Drugs
5. The Diva of the Silver Top Diner
6. I Know a Guy
7. Waiting on Oblivion
8. The Square
9. Cyclades Surprise
10. Meet me Under the Shepard's Clock
The Key
Week 41

What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?

Written during a stay on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the songs not only capture the carefree spirit of the region, but reflect Billy’s upbeat "the glass is half-full" philosophy.

Published in 2003. Recorded at Ark Studios. Available at, CD Baby, iTunes. Titles are:

1. What's So Bad About Feelin' Good??
2. I Wish I Could Remember What I Said I’d Never Forget
3. Walk On The Gulf.
4. Hangin’ Around ‘Till This Hangover’s Over.
5. Redington Rhapsody.
6. Week 41.
7. Get Off Of That Cell Phone.
8. She’s Going Away.
9. Good Morning.
10. Clonetown.
11. It Could Be Worse.
12. Gettin' Old Ain't For Sissies.

Gumbo Beach

A state of mind created by Billy Mitchell and New York Minute. It’s a rowdy mixture of the Beach, R&B, Bourbon Street and good old Rock and Roll. Everyone needs an escape, so here's a destination, a state of mind, filled with a mixture of musical styles called “Gumbo Beach”.

Published in 2006. Recorded at PRYZM Studios. Available at, CD Baby, iTunes. Titles are:

1. Galilee Gumbo
2. For All the Captains
3. Gumbo Beach
4. It's All About You
5. Be my Radio
6. In the Pocket
7. But Not Today
8. Gimme the Gun
9. Do What You Say
10. Wiener Blues
11. Frozen Drinks
12. I Hear It
13. The Way Home
14. Float Away

The Diva of the Silver Top Diner

Country & Beach tunes that’ll stick with you all day long. A compilation of song demos of original, copyrighted material in the capable hands of a songplugger in Nashville. Like the Diva’s songs, “someday soon they’ll be discovered, but as for now”…savor these tasty treats!

Published in 2004. Recorded at Daffy Dock Studios. Available at, CD Baby, iTunes. Titles are:

1. The Diva of the Silver Top Diner
2. Snap Your Fingers
3. Honey Do List
4. The Key
5. On The Way To Somewhere
6. Dancing With the Mountain
7. My Legacy
8. Instant Gratification
9. Two Empty Adirondack Chairs
10. The Night Out
11. You Still Got It
12. I Missed You, Daddy
13. SHPHH Boogie
14. Miss the Boat
15. Tailgate Party
16. There’s Nothin’ Really Good About Goodbye

Set List

So many songs, so little time. And it all depends on the crowd. But here are some typical All-Original and Party/cover sets along with the Library that Billy draws from.

I Wish I Could Remember
But Not Today
What's So Bad About Feelin’ Good
Redington Rhapsody
Getting Old Ain't for Sissies
Instant Gratification
Week 41
Get Off Of That Cell Phone
My Legacy
Diva of the Silver Top Diner
Galilee Gumbo
Walk on the Gulf
Frozen Drinks
It Could Be Worse
The Road
Tailgate Party

Hey Good Lookin'
Pencil Thin Mustache
I Wish I Could Remember
Summertime Blues
Hey Baby
Pink Cadillac
Peaceful Easy Feelin'
Walk on the Gulf
Ballad of Frankie & Lola
Runaround Sue
Frozen Drinks
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Teach Your Children
Lay Around the Shanty
Hey Jude
Pretty Woman