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"Billy Mitchell's Wit Shines with "Detour""

"Whether lampooning pop culture or lamenting the conditions of healthcare, Billy Mitchell leaves the listener with something to think about."
- Don DiMuccio - Motif Magazine

"A Lot of Musical Fun with Detour"

"He has a down to earth attitude and acceptance of all the strange things that come our way in life and renders them with fine detail, great warmth and plenty of talent."
- Bill Copeland - Bill Copeland Music News


"Witty, funny, serious, ...are only some words to describe the
delightful music of Billy Mitchell...definitely worth a listen!"

- J.W. Stein - Hootenanny Café -WTBQ AM1110, 93.5FM

"What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?"

The title of the CD pretty much sums it up best. These are songs heavily laden with humor and a philosophy of life somewhat like ‘que sera, sera’.

There are positive and humorous songs about everyday frustrations as in “Get Off That Cellphone”. The only tinge of sadness is on “She’s Going Away” which he quickly turns on its ear to make us laugh. He definitely has his own world view and songwriting voice.

The instrumentation is acoustic guitar with somewhat folk or country style arrangements. There is harmonica, banjo, but also some horns and synthesizer.

Parrotheads listen up! You will love Billy Mitchell’s humor and his outlook on life. There’s far fewer songs about alcohol than on a Jimmy Buffett CD, but the same fun loving spirit is on each song.
- Stacey Board - Muses Muse

"Billy Mitchell: "What's So Bad About Feelin Good?""

Fun, fun and more fun – that is what I have to say about Billy Mitchell’s debut CD,
What’s So Bad About Feelin’ Good? What started out on a vacation with some friends in Redington Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast, ended up as an inspirational songwriting journey.

Westerly born and raised, singer/songwriter Billy Mitchell has a humorous outlook on the worst and best of what life has to offer. What’s So Bad About Feelin’ Good is a fine collection of tunes that are sure to Make you chuckle. Billy has been inspired by Jimmy Buffett with a hint of John Prine and Leon Redbone. He has songs about recovery after a late night of drinking in “Hangin’ Around Till This Hangover’s Over.” “Week 41” is a great song about the perils of purchasing a time share unit. He sums up everyone’s annoyance of cell phone users in “Get Off of That Cell Phone.” He has a clever little ditty about
what it would be like to live in a town of clones in “Clonetown.”

All of the songs on this 12 song CD are well crafted with memorable choruses that have you singing long after the CD stops spinning. If you are looking for anything that might be taken too seriously about life, love and loss, this may not be the CD for you. His overall message is “Lighten up – life is just too silly!”

Billy has been writing and performing for 30 years and was previously a tenor with the a cappella group The Hudsons. Currently, he fronts the local Classic Rock band New York Minute.

The 12 song CD was recorded at Ark Studios in Fairhaven, Mass. The production is light with tasteful arrangements that include trombone, cornet, flute and sax in addition to the usual acoustic and electric guitars and backing vocals.

So if you’re looking to turn your doldrums into drolldrums, be sure to pick up a copy of What’s So Bad About Feelin’ Good? ~ MR

Marry Ann Rossoni

Mary Ann Rossoni is an accomplished singer songwriter. Recording since 1991, she received Best Female Vocalist Honors in the 1998 Phoenix Best Music Poll. And Best Local Folk Act in the 2004 Phoenix Best Music Poll. Her latest release,”Downcity”, is the first of a multi album contract with Wall Street Records and debuted at number 20 on CMJ New Music Report’s Top 200 Adds Chart. - Mary Ann Rossoni for the Rhode Island Songwriter’s Association


Detour, released in the Fall of 2011.
1. Says Who?
2. Rollback
3. The Road
4. Prescription Drugs
5. The Diva of the Silver Top Diner
6. I Know a Guy
7. Waiting on Oblivion
8. The Square
9. Cyclades Surprise
10. Meet me Under the Shepard's Clock
The Key
Week 41

What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?

Written during a stay on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the songs not only capture the carefree spirit of the region, but reflect Billy’s upbeat "the glass is half-full" philosophy.

Published in 2003. Recorded at Ark Studios. Available at, CD Baby, iTunes. Titles are:

1. What's So Bad About Feelin' Good??
2. I Wish I Could Remember What I Said I’d Never Forget
3. Walk On The Gulf.
4. Hangin’ Around ‘Till This Hangover’s Over.
5. Redington Rhapsody.
6. Week 41.
7. Get Off Of That Cell Phone.
8. She’s Going Away.
9. Good Morning.
10. Clonetown.
11. It Could Be Worse.
12. Gettin' Old Ain't For Sissies.

Gumbo Beach

A state of mind created by Billy Mitchell and New York Minute. It’s a rowdy mixture of the Beach, R&B, Bourbon Street and good old Rock and Roll. Everyone needs an escape, so here's a destination, a state of mind, filled with a mixture of musical styles called “Gumbo Beach”.

Published in 2006. Recorded at PRYZM Studios. Available at, CD Baby, iTunes. Titles are:

1. Galilee Gumbo
2. For All the Captains
3. Gumbo Beach
4. It's All About You
5. Be my Radio
6. In the Pocket
7. But Not Today
8. Gimme the Gun
9. Do What You Say
10. Wiener Blues
11. Frozen Drinks
12. I Hear It
13. The Way Home
14. Float Away

The Diva of the Silver Top Diner

Country & Beach tunes that’ll stick with you all day long. A compilation of song demos of original, copyrighted material in the capable hands of a songplugger in Nashville. Like the Diva’s songs, “someday soon they’ll be discovered, but as for now”…savor these tasty treats!

Published in 2004. Recorded at Daffy Dock Studios. Available at, CD Baby, iTunes. Titles are:

1. The Diva of the Silver Top Diner
2. Snap Your Fingers
3. Honey Do List
4. The Key
5. On The Way To Somewhere
6. Dancing With the Mountain
7. My Legacy
8. Instant Gratification
9. Two Empty Adirondack Chairs
10. The Night Out
11. You Still Got It
12. I Missed You, Daddy
13. SHPHH Boogie
14. Miss the Boat
15. Tailgate Party
16. There’s Nothin’ Really Good About Goodbye



An unabashed Boomer, Billy's music resonates, involves and entertains, spanning emotionally from heartfelt to hilarious.

His original music is recorded on four CDs: "What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?", "The Diva of the Silver Top Diner" & "Gumbo Beach" and most recently "Detour", which was nominated 2012 Americana Album of the year by Motif Magazine.

Billy has been performing for over 30 years on the New England waterfronts and regionally in venues like Dick’s Last Resort in Boston and The House of Blues on Sunset Strip in L.A.

Comfortable with any sized crowd, his specialty is more intimate venues (decks, docks, private parties, house concerts, etc) where he can connect with the audience and make them part of the fun.

An emancipated advertising agency creative director, he has written many radio commercials and jingles. (A music video received a nationally recognized Telly award).

Billy is a published ASCAP songwriter with a catalog of over 50 original songs represented in Nashville by Springbarrel Songwriter Services. He is also a board member of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association.

Billy lives on a pond in West Kingston, RI with the love of his life, a family of Canadian Geese and, at last count, 473 rainbow trout.