Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell


Billy Mitchell is a singer/songwriter whose songs are inspired by the whimsy of Jimmy Buffett, the wit of Shel Silverstein, the eccentricity of John Prine with a dash of Spike Jones for good measure. Billy’s music is like a trip to Key West via “The Twilight Zone”; great fun, full of twists.


Billy has been writing and performing for close to thirty years. Born in Westerly, RI, early musical exposure came through his dad who sang in the USO during WW II with Perry Como.

Then came the obligatory 60’s college band and then tenor in a Cappella doo-wop quartet. resently Billy is front man and plays guitar, harp and percussion for Classic Rock band New York Minute, performing from Newport to Boston, to L.A.
and Europe

He is also a Partner in an ad agency where he has written numerous ads and radio commercials (A commercial music video recently received national recognition when it won a Telly award).

Muses Muse Reviewer Stacey Board writes about Billy:

"The title of the CD pretty much sums it up best. These are songs heavily laden with humor and a philosophy of life somewhat like 'que sera, sera'. Parrotheads listen up! You will love Billy Mitchell's humor and his outlook on life. There's far fewer songs about alcohol than on a Jimmy Buffett CD, but the same fun loving spirit is on each song."

The songs on "What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?" were written during a stay on Florida's Gulf Coast. They not only capture the carefree spirit of the region, but reflect Billy's upbeat "the glass is half-full" philosophy.

Billy lives on a Pond in Rhode Island with his wife, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a family of Canadian Geese and, at last count, 473 rainbow trout.

He is a member of ASCAP, Nashville Songwriters Association, Rhode Island Songwriters Association and is represented by Springbarrel Songwriter Services.


The Diva of the Silvertop Diner

Written By: B. Mitchell

The Diva of The Silver Top Diner B. Mitchell 1/05

She had a red checkered apron with big white frills. One look in her eyes would make a grown man’s blood chill.

I walked in from a midnight run; she said “what can I getcha hon?”
I gave her my choice, then I heard that voice.

She sang, "Give me a shingle with a shimmy and a shake and a hot blonde in sand.
Flop two, fry two, let the sun shine, a sinker for each hand".
The room stood still as she blew away the grille, she’s the super star of this breakfast bar
the Diva of The Silver Top Diner, and I’m her biggest fan.

Got a voice like an angel, but works like the devil every day.
Savin’ her tips to go to Nash-ville and play.
Every day she’s stealin’ the show. Got a warm up band called A Cup of Joe.
Turn off the juke-box , ‘cause this menu mama rocks.


Yes she’s the Diva of The Silver Top Di-i-ner.
Got ‘em standin’ in the aisles, the Aluminum Room headliner.

She knows which side her bread is buttered, some day soon she’ll be discovered,
But as for now her songs will be... Shredded, scattered, chunked,

smothered and covered.

(best waitress in the land, I wanna be in her band)


What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?
12 original songs, released In November 2003
Available at

Titles are:
1. What’s so Bad About Feelin’ Good?
2. I Wish I Could Remember What I Said
I’d Never Forget
3. Walk On the Gulf
4. Hangin’ Around ‘Till This Hangover’s Over
5. Redington Rhapsody
6. Week 41
7. Get Off of That Cell Phone
8. She’s Going Away
9. Good Morning
10. Clonetown
11. It Could Be Worse
12. Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies

Gumbo Beach
14 Song CD of Original Music
with New Yor Minute
Released November 2004
avaialble at