Billy Reighns

Billy Reighns

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

A one man think tank of melody, rhymes and rhythm, Billy Reighns is a true performer. A well rounded musician vocally trained and road experienced, you are in for a hell of a show.


This grassroots effort follows on the tails of 10 years of contributing to local talent such as Rats from the Bay, Lotus Blue and most recently My Inner Animal. Billy Reighns is a singer / songwriter that is forging a new path in melodic creation. With roots that dig deep in history of all thing musical, Billy Reighns aims to produce toe tapping, head bopping beats alongside melodies that soothe the soul. With influences that range from Michael Jackson to Chino Moreno expect to hear fresh sounds that appeal to the heart of all of us. The lyrics you hear are inspired by the modern world. Although sometime mistaken as negative, the lyrics are meant to reflect our current state of affairs as a nation and as a planet. The aim of arrow is to remind the listeners to be who they are meant to be and form a true congregation.
Its So Easy (Getting Home) - Music written and performed by Jersey Mark Wasiff, Lryrics written and performed by Billy Reighns
Wasted Time - Music written by Derek Euston, Lyrics written and performed by Billy Reighns


TBA 2011