Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday


Country soul for troubled times. Swampy rock and roll to get your heart beating and the cool salve of a folk song to cure your aches and pains. And like a shot of good whiskey on a cold dark night or a wild story told by the fire, we are what you need.


Thinking people's music. Pretty and rough. Like an elegant pedicured foot in a comfortable old leather shoe. Make you cry. Get you laughing. Scare the piss out of you. Honest. No excuses.We stand in reverence on the backs of giants. We do our best to carry the flame that Woody lit and Bob Dylan kept burning so bright in our youth. Ours is the sound of bald tires on a back road to the party where you learned to dance. And kissed that girl. And got in that fight. We are a great speckled bird with Rock and Roll stuck in our craw. We live in the space between a hot Saturday night and a cool Sunday morning. We all grew up where Elvis drove a truck for money. And Hank used to play for whiskey.You hear it in the songs we sing. Our separate voices become some new greater thing. With words we hope ring true.

Let me introduce you to the Billy Sunday Band. We are based on the Alabama coast. We cook a mean stew of folk, country and rock. Mary Gauthier is a fan of ours and described our song SINGING WITH EMMYLOU as "F''''ing brilliant". We have been featured at the Frank Brown Int'l Songwriter Festival, Bayfest in Mobile, Flat Rock Music Fest in NC, New Orleans Song Fest,and The Concert for Peace in Cinncinati, OH. sponsored by Neil Young and his LWW Today website.




When he got her laughing
He was half way there
he loved to watch her fingers
as she pushed back her hair
and the way she held her wine glass
he could write a book
when he got her laughing
that was all it took

they took a walk out in the desert
underneath the stars
and the way the dunes were rolling
they could have been on mars
they say mars had water
they say there once was life
and he thought he could believe it
on such a night

on such a night
on such a night
the star all line up right

and it's easy to believe
on such a night

when he got her laughing
he was half way there
she said he made her feel
like she didn't have a care
and then he filled her wine glass
he pushed his fingers through her hair
and he kept her laughing
'til baby she was there...

Where You From?


My folks come from the coal mines
my folks come from the cotton mills
white trash people drunk all night
white trash never paid there bills

my grandaddy did time in Atmore
when they found his whiskey still
it was a high speed chase and a short foot race
they put his ass under the jail

I look for the wind to blow
black clouds sinking low
some day a rain will come
and beat down like a drum
hey, baby, where you from?
this is where I'm from...

My old daddy was a hippie
took us 'back to the land'
more or less
he grew a strain of sinsemilla
folks just seemed to like the best
it kept us all in grits and groceries
and bought us a shack on
soldier's creek
he built a fine old wooden sailboat
he made deliveries once a week

Now whether you're a troop of yankees
or another friggin' hurricane
you do your best to do your worst
the outcomes gonna be the same
'cause out here on the
raggedy edge
we are bloodied but unbowed
long after you are a memory
we will still be standing proud

I look for the wind to blow
black clouds sinking low
hoot owls gators and rattlesnakes
will soon take back this place
and that poor little beach mouse
will be livin in your beach house

I look for the wind to blow...



She's got the moon in her moth
she's got the stars in her eyes
the sun in her brain
and the ocean in her thighs
she moves in circles
and the circles move
she makes the kind of music
that a man can dance to

she appreciates a pretty flower
I say her name each and every hour
she's with me when I'm unlucky
and when I'm due
from Hieronymus Bosch
to Maxfield Parrish blue

She can change the spark plugs
in my hotrod
she knows all the 9 billion
names of god
and about why Atlantis disappeared
she whispered that secret
right in my ear

when I am a prisoner
in my own min
she bakes me a cake
with a file inside
in a world full of ignorance
hate and greed

I'm telling you brothers
she's all I need

She's got the moon in her mouth
she's got the stars in her eyes...