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The best kept secret in music


"Record Review"

n a short span of time, Billy and the Lost Boys have established a sturdy comprehension of how to craft sophisticated pop punk. The group’s sophomore album provides a strong step forward from the group’s debut, Strong Like Prawn. Breaking Down The Barriers That Break Down Your Music also shows the band’s ability to step outside of the confines of genre. The title track alternates between gentle, piano-supported whispers and voluminous melancholy. “Soundtrack for War” presents a subdued sentiment reminiscent of some of Mary Lou Lord’s work. The songs on their second disc consistently show Billy and the Lost Boys’ notable development since their inception. - EXCLAIM! Magazine

"Lost Boys Find Their Way"

"The goal every day is, let's have as much fun as possible," Billy the Kid explains. It's really no wonder why she describes herself and the Vancouver punk rock band she fronts as newly addicted to touring.

While on the road for the first time barely a month ago, Billy and the Lost Boys passed through these parts on the way back from Toronto for a pair of shows, and are back to play New City (10081 Jasper Ave.) April 16 - this time in the dearly coveted opening slot for legendary punk band the UK Subs.

The trio, including Aaron Weiss on bass and drummer Shane Wilson, will continue on east from here, playing pretty much the same towns they covered on their March tour of Western Canada in support of their new album, Breaking Down The Barriers That Break Down Your Music.

It might seem unusual to go out in the same direction twice in a month, but Billy and the Lost Boys planned it all out with an impressive amount of foresight.

"The cool thing is that the March tour was basically an all-ages shows, and then this one is mostly bar shows - I think we only have one or two all-ages shows. We're going to the same towns, but we're hitting this completely different demographic," says Billy.

They'll head out this way again in June, covering the all-ages circuit once again. - Edmonton Sun

"Billy in Calgary"

The Sex Pistols. The Clash. Ramones. Rancid. NoMeansNo. And now, Billy and the Lost Boys.

OK, so maybe they’re not as great as Ramones but if passion, determination and desire are any indication of what the future holds for this intrepid band, these Lost Boys are about to find their way.

"I look forward to getting up every morning," said a tired Billy the Kid, following a week of shows, CD release parties and hours in the recording studio. "We love being on stage. We love what we’re doing every second that we get to play music."

Unlike the character for whom Billy is named, this Billy the Kid hasn’t made a career out of bucking the establishment. Instead, it’s the sound of this girl’s voice that has attracted audiences since she was a teenager, playing to caffeine junkies in coffeehouses and barflies in local pubs.

"The Billy the Kid thing came from when I was about 15 and started playing in bars and everybody started calling me kid," said the now 22-year-old. Add bassist Aaron Weiss and drummer Shane Wilson to the mix and you’ve got yourself a crew of Lost Boys.

"The name itself was the combination of two really good movies," she said. "Young Guns and The Lost Boys."

But enough about semantics. Let’s talk music.

Releasing its first album, Strong Like Prawn, 12 days after forming nearly two years ago, Billy and the Lost Boys are back and causing more than just waves in Vancouver’s indie punk rock scene.

Breaking Down the Barriers that Break Down Your Music released late last month, is their sophomore album and a big step to gaining the attention, notoriety and reputation this misfit band is looking for.

In the studio since February 2003, Billy said the time it’s taken to put together a strong album was well worth the heartache. "We’re making our dreams come true… By the time we figured out that we were going to have to do everything ourselves, it was just a matter of getting the money together and doing it.

"It turned out exactly like we wanted it to."

Which means 12 tracks of tight rhythm, hard-core vocals and old school punk with a twist. "Our intention is to be true to ourselves and write music that we like – not worry what other people might think about it," said Billy.

Being true to the band and the music seems to be working. The Lost Boys have an almost religious following of all-age fans that show up at every show screaming song titles and cheering the trio on. In fact, it’s the fans that promote the band by setting up and maintaining Billy’s website. They love the music and most importantly, Billy says the fans love the show.

"By the end of (every) show we… are lying in a pile of broken guitars," she says. "I guess I can come off a little bit on the shy side. People who know me are always surprised to see us turn into monsters (on stage).

"It’s why I get up in the morning. I live, breathe, sleep, dream these songs. Kids seem to be into it and very accepting." - FFWD Entertainment Weekly




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