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Bill Yuns

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BILL YUNS is setting the tempo for the next generation of Northwest Hip-Hop. With the release of his single, “What’s My Name?” – Bill Yuns has created an outstanding Northwest following.


Bill Yuns, Pronounced "Billions", Hardly has the appearance of a rapper that would spit lyrics like: Inebriated blacking out / Intoxicated passing out / Starting fights up at the bar / That's why the bouncers kicked me out, but more like someone you'd find sitting behind a desk giving financial advice.

Growing up in California this Bay Area native began his music career at the age of 14. Influenced early on by Run DMC and Rakim he began Rapping at local nightclubs and opening for such acts as 415 and Paris. Bill Yuns soon became known around the Bay as a force to be reckoned with.

At the age of 18 Bill Yuns moved to Seattle and became more interested in the production side of music. He began to build a studio and quickly developed into a cutting- edge producer enjoying underground success with the Cooley Roc "Make No Mistake", album (1995). Selling over 15,000 units with no major promotions or distribution. Now a more mature seasoned artist/producer, Bill Yuns is ready to take it to the next level.

With the release of his first solo single entitled “What’s My Name?” (December 2001), Bill Yuns created a tremendous Buzz at the College Radio level, and throughout Northwest Nightclubs. In addition Bill Yuns received airplay on 100.3 THE BEAT in Los Angeles and Seattle’s KUBE 93 FM future flavas show. Adding to those credits Bill Yuns most recent release from the Playas Assoc. IV compilation, a song entitled “Bread & Meat” is currently receiving rotation from KUBE 93 FM future flavas show.

Bill Yuns has the ability to appeal to the underground as well as the mainstream music listener. He is an outstanding lyricist with incredible freestyle ability. In June 2001 Bill Yuns won the Northwest Hip Hop talent competition, and in April 2002 he was the winner of the Urban Music Associations Northwest music Conference. More recently Bill Yuns has placed tracks on national albums including Playas Assoc. IV (40 Ounce Records), Indie Sessions (Ocean Records) & Players Project 2 (SOS Records). In addition to that Bill Yuns has been ripping up the Northwest club scene with a slue of performances in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Canada. Opening up for acts like Tommy Davidson, Digital Underground and DJ Quik.

Bill Yuns is now the owner of Yun Stand Me? Records; a Seattle based Record Company working to promote the works of local artists. He produces for an arsenal of talent including; Urban Tongue, Chosen, Hypnotik, Bullet and
Tiffany Wilson. With his years of experience working in the entertainment business, Bill Yuns has become a well-respected player within the artistic community of the Great Northwest.


"What's My Name?" Maxi-Single

Recieving college radio airplay as well as airplay on KUBE 93 FM in Seattle WA

"Bread & Meat" from the Playas Assoc. Vol. IV - Recieving Airplay from KUBE 93 Future Flavas Show & Jammin 95's the Jammin Underground Show.

Set List

Capable of sets ranging anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour.