Billy Webster
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Billy Webster


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Pop Rox (2005)
Eschaton (2006)
BillySongs: 1990-2004 (2007)
BillySlap!! (2008)
It's All About Me (2009)
Reliance & Reckoning - Single (2011)
Wicker Pants (2011)



Songwriting is like directing a conversation you can barely follow….

The melody materializes. The words are pre-existent. Somewhere in time, these songs have incubated. Somewhere in space, they have waited, preborn. More and less than a singer, different from a musician. Billy is a minstrel. A Troubadour. He is the merry prankster and the medieval Fool. Called out of solitude by troubled times, these songs tell us the truth about ourselves and about our world. They hold up the mirror and reveal both monstrosity and beauty.

"so look to me brothers and sisters, I'm singing your song..."

These songs are a call to action. They represent a collective step towards our own awareness. Know thyself. Be free. The sun will set. The moon will rise. If the revolution starts tonight, then the mood is going to have to change, "and I have come to change your mood."

Billy was born a hippie but was raised by punks. At one point during the decade of decadence he was abducted by a band of velvet-clad glam rockers and nearly lost his soul. Narrowly escaping this fate, he discovered the Ecstasy of Eschatology. Cutting his hair and growing it again, he realized that maybe Jesus hadn't intended to start a religion.

He picked up his guitar, fell in love, and began looking for you.

Stop. Listen. Live.