Billy Writes

Billy Writes


Hard Rock band, distortionned electric guitar, mid-low tempo, hi-pitch/low-pitch singing. If you want the beast going out of a soul, it's "L'Exorciste de Billy Writes" unique-en-son-genre.


Together to forward this Billy Writes project since 2 years, recording a full album demo with artwork, few gigs here and there to feel the beat of being on stage together, but each of our ways are a lot of studio/stage/touring experiences.

We have all brad new stage gear, we have an "adapted" van for musicians and band's gear transport, we are available to plan a tour and/or coordinate with album release, local/national/international, and we have valid passport.

Of course we have...good vibes to rock you in!


Complete demo album
"L'Exorciste de Billy Writes"

50 minutes, 14 titles, artwork+booklet as a complete album demo.

75 minutes adapted rock show named "L'Exorciste de Billy Writes Rock Show" completely written for a "theatre like" rock show.

Set List

60 minutes of live perfomance, or completely written 75 minutes rock show to fit the album.