Billz (BillzTTND)

Billz (BillzTTND)

 Brandon, Florida, USA
BandHip HopR&B

His poetry background and love for emceeing have shown themselves in his ever changing delivery ranging from the rapid touch of Busta Rhymes in "Look At Me Now" to the soothing eloquence of Wale in "Ambitious Girl." This along with his stories of his travels in music make him a great listen.


Billy Helms is a 19 year old recording artist and CEO of the Brandon, FL based record label True Talent Never Dies Entertainment and the publishing company True Talent Never Dies Publishing. Lyrically the Father of the New School as he calls himself in his song Green has spoken about many topics from the usual money, cars, and partying to his real life story, business and relationships. His ability to freestyle both his verses and hooks has led to some of his songs being created in just a matter of minutes without much editing necessary. It is not a practice he does as often now, but he combines writing and freestyles to create singles. Seeking to improve lyrically and broaden his genre, Helms now listen to a lot of old school lyricists as well as the hottest artist of today. In addition to being a rapper and singer, he is a published poet which he finds to be a major advantage when it comes to song writing. Helms has a great appreciation for all music and seeks everyday to learn more about the past of the industry so he knows how to manage his roster in the future. Recently Helms finished his second mixtape entitled The Story of my Purple Pen which features the "Dual Threat", his singing alter ego who might make some question why he isn't a singer full-time. His first effort Ya Boy Fooling received over 1600 listens on


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