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In the centre of the West African coast, north of the Atlantic Ocean lies Ghana, the home turf of eclectic dilettante rapper Bils Rayoe.

Gaining significant hip hop exposure growing up as a child Bils Rayoe was influenced by the 90’s east coast rap music combined with his African flare, giving his music a perfect blend of both worlds.

R.A.Y.O.E., an acronym which stands for "Rap At Your Own Expense" promotes being independent and living your dreams at your own expense, whether it costs time, effort or money. His motto, combined with his Alias "Bils", forms the inspired stage name “Bils Rayoe". Starting out as a young kid interested in battling and rhyming for fun, he evolved into an artist with the determination to impact the world with his music.

His music exposes the listener to the bewildering complexities and struggles of his environment embodied in the art form of commercial but yet street and heartfelt music. Rap At Your Expense is his motto and prime message but it goes beyond just music. It is a mind state, it is an approach to life.


Wish You Never Met Me

Written By: Nabil Amadu

Champagne fantasies,
I'm bout to live up for the Fans to see,
on ma feet soo long I aint grab a seat,
No day off man man I can't pause. Time is ma enemy,

Sweting from my pores need energy,
But the higher power is my only energy,
Lord gimme a chance they gotta hear me speak,
I cremate rappers, I bury beats,

Journey so far I could barely see,
Dream wide awake I barely sleep
Determination, never terminating,
So when I fall down motivation carries me,

In hard times none of yall encouraged me,
I tried to pull if off they embarrassed me,
I'm on fire now, they don't care to see,
But the truth stinks..smell kerosene?

Get your lighters up, yeah we burn the pot,
And if the cc work then we burrrrn the block,
Man I'm a hustler respect it or check it,
And if you check it, I am getting paid I don't need your credit

Still a pragmatic, show you execution,
Stood tall fought trial no allocution,
No snitching man tell it to the prosecution,
still a dope bwoi I just use music,

Tough guy rappers, they exude lies,
Between what they say and do is where the truth lies,
And truth tell no lies you couldn't fool the wise,
So give it up man let sleeping dogs lie,

Yeah I said it. In fact Imma say it all,
Play me if you want nigga I play it off,
It's Money over distractions we obey the law,
but Still a criminal mind Bernie Madoff,

Fuck the stereo types like you need muscles,
In the feds all did I was work out the puzzle,
I survived the struggle. Yess
No tattoos but a permanent effect when my words touch you

I'm going innnnn, and I'm soo hard,
I'm still spending money from my old job,
you know I get it,
Its a new era and I swear it's my time cos I fitted,

More money, more expensive problems,
So anywhere you at you gotta learn to solve em,
flaudging ass rappers I'm burning all em,
Aint none y'all safe better wear your condoms,

and I'm prepared to robb em,
Hunger soo loud you could hear me starving me,
In the end we the only ones standing,
lay your ass down, No planking...

Night & Day

Written By: Nabil Amadu & Kelly Harris

Welcome to my city, where we deal in black medicine,
niggas alive but look like sketletons,
open your eyes the sun rises early,
me i'm tryna get mines survive through the journey

We stay connected, Tryna beat corruption,
the politicians we elected pocketing the budget,
when getting laid stay protected of you catching something,
when bullets wave, better lay, or you catching something,,,,,,

Real talk imma give to ya,
tryna provide breakfast thats why i am skipping dinner
i swear im not a quitter, persistence in my blood
got that jungle in my blood and i don't give a fuckkkkk

I ain't tryna be a roll model,
i am tryna be in clubs popping those bottles,
tryna be the boy that these hoes swallow,
tryna live today cos i dont see tomorrow.


If you look, i know that you will find a way
Its ur hunger that keeps you searching Night & Day

One Day

Written By: Nabil Amadu


One day you'll find out i love you soo
and you'll be wondering you wanted me to go go go

Anything you ask me to I'll do, pretty diamonds all on you
and I may be wrong but soon I will be gone gone gone


Especially when I'm watching cry,
my heart pounds till its bruised,
i know how i feel, but she ain't got a clue,
so stuck in my ways and i aint tryna move,
I know I'm cocky as hell but thats my attitude,

I'm soo far from the regular,
take you out shopping etc etc, Hey
I'm out making moves tryna get them bucks
looking for a sweet guy? Keep looking. Better luck

But you don't expect all that
a little talking on the phone no stress on that,
you stand by and hoping that i change, be a better man,
see girl i respect all that,
but listen,

I don't like being iffy
just play your position don't cross the line
done wine when I'm busy
trying hard to impress me
thats silly, if you mine girl we gon kick it. Listen


One day you'll find out i love you soo
and you'll be wondering you wanted me to go go go

Anything you ask me to I'll do, pretty diamonds all on you
and I may be wrong but soon I will be gone gone gone

Love Letter

Written By: Nabil Amadu

Yeah i went away for soo long,
I did some things that was soo wrong,
I should be mad at you for leaving... Go on,
could be sorry for myself but I'm soo strong,

Be all you can be girl live the life
he do you better than I did, he's Mr Right
I cant lie man I miss the nights
got high, fucked crazy,
dropped down then we pick a fight

Outta town trips still searching tryna find my way
rather found trouble, threw me in a daze
still I promised you bliss in the brighter days
and the good gon come just gotta wait
but wait.....

Did you listen? your girlfriends dissed him
so you know you didn't, was locked up in prison,
though you kinda missed him, jimmy kept knocking so you
let him in, let him inn

Where he at now? caught up in a nine to five
drive a little car, ain't going too far
and his swag is ayt, aint up to par
fronting like he don't know that I'm a fucking star

I feel you girl, Congratulations
could have been a lot different had you had some patience
was boarder line fifth ave now you back to payless
use to never need shit now you asking favors

Well life a bitch again
go head call me a dick I just rub it inn
push hard with these bars till I'm budging inn
Charlie Sheen bitch all I do is fucking WINNN

Fly Together (Remix)

Written By: Nabil Amadu

If I had a million dollars I will spend it all on her,
heard she got man... that nigga is a gonna
they say love is pain, well i could feel a truama
but I aint tryna sweat her I aint nothing like a sauna,

She bout it, oh yeah she bout it,
pretty in the face, u know her butt rounded,
but me no buts, u know the bitch about it
bad to the bone no if ands or buts..... about it

Jagger bomb shots, now we headed to the spot,
we aint looking at the time we just fuck around the clock,
fire works ignite when i hit the gpot, she's knocked out cold,
she overdosed on the G cock

Nah we aint talking about cash
we aint talking louie bags,
guiseppe heels and fads,
cos she bad....

Bad in any thing,
just happens to wear them things,
she is a rider,killing everything,
imma call her michael myers
relationship on rocks, laying on them diamonds
minus degrees cos shes the finest

Girl I aint tryna date ya, I'm tryna update ya
I give you first class life I upgrade ya
yeah you could keep your shoes on don't worry about the carpet
twenty-five thousand dollars.. but its only carpet

Sit back and blow a J
imma get u wet like hurricanes i
mma blow you awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Serengeti sunrise when you wake up
You already made you don't need make up
when we get away paparrazi chase us/
and give it to em striaight no chasers/

you on top of your game just like a laker
do this in your sleep,
other bitches gotta wait up,
tell them bitches get their weight up,
stay fresh to toes when you draped up,

Uh,got ur shoes on
and your body right, you could never do wrong
bugatti outside go and get your cruise on
I might wanna hit again, don't be too long

In the crib cos she passed the bar,
With a wholotta cases boutta get wasted
I call her any cos she soo unique
Never miss a deadline cos she notice me

wonder why she so close me
When you on your A game, this is how its suppose to B
You and I we will be forever
Never gon end...... Foever say never

Storm Chaser (Snippet)

Written By: Nabil Amadu

Thru sun roof looking to the sky,
but the question is do I really see a sky,
With a limitless mind I'm spiritually inclined,
Since niggas is ass I'm leaving em Behind,

From behind bars made a couple promises,
Came home kept it real on some honest shit,
But I honesty don't pay the bills man I admit,
and I ain't tryna lose my mind so i let the product flip

Its shady world.... So shine bright
Its crazy world..... get your mind right
I'm Addicted to crime life, getting paid
Lemon heads in my chain welcome to the lime light,

I promised imma quit but its fucking hard
This shit works for me man fuck a job
Fuck a 9-5, I'm on the I95
What u need boy, I will supply

Yes I know I'm pose to LET go
But I can't tho
This life I chose
And far I know, I know, I know (singing)
The Storm Chaser

Paparazzi tryna get a pose,
the fancy clothes,
man this shit don't last,
but as far i know, I know, I know
The Storm Chaser

Hustlers Vision (Snippet)

Written By: Nabil Amadu

It was Looking bad just a week ago,
police had me bagged in they vehicle,
ma mom's very sad, l ain't reachable,
ma girl's got me mad, she seein' dude,

I'm focussed tryna hold ma head,
we don't need you round here, is what ma employer said,
it's not lookin good, is what my lawyer said,
but first u need bail money,call a friend,

Most of em gon turn their back,
they dont holla back, that, or they'll sell you crap,
I'm under pressure, but thank God for my treasure,
and Tj help me keep my head up,

We gon make it,
back and forth with these court case,
I took a fall, tied up my laces,

Recession bring out everybody's Demons
period pussy, ain't nobody eating,,,,,

Bent Faces (Snippet)

Written By: Nabil Amadu

Champaign fantasies, incarcerated,
in my mind, I'm just tryna vindicate it,
look sharp, my vision tailored,
get mines, I don't rely on gettin' favors
movin' weight, we was gettin' paper,
it brung money, solved problems, it didn't save us
the nightmare of police lights,
handcuffs suffocate me, extra tight
take a chance, nigga sacrifice,
and if you fail then you know what success is like,
just imagine the contrary,
and put your thoughts in the air,
now you see it clear

me I do it big time on the streets,
me I hustle hard and I find ways to eat
bwoi, look sharp
certified grinder, all day handle mine, certified rider
abi you kno,
abi you kno,
I'm a muthafuckin' gangsta
abi you kno, (kweh!)
abi you kno
I'm a muthafuckin' gangsta

Losing Myself

Written By: Nabil Amadu

First Verse
Allow me to speak,Allow me to be free,
Free out my mind and be, Whoever I'm tryna be,
Where ever I'm tryna go I'm getting close, and I could see
And little sunlight, so long in the dark ITs DUMB BRiGHT

Ayo kells how much fucking longer do I gotta wait,
Damn I can't believe I'm still staring at an empty plate,
Tears in my mommas eyes still no smiles on her face,
Tears in my eyes too I'm starting to feel like waste,

Heart piling up with hate, me and these rappers can't relate
Long as imma alive none y'all ever feel safe
Nah we ain't friends, we ain't buddies we aint mates,
But I guess I'm weird I can't pretend, I can't be fake

Welcome to my life, welcome to my struggle
A fucking immigrant so they tryna handcuff you
For some reason everybody say they love u
But the facts don't fill the damn pieces to the puzzle (COMMON)

Verse Two
A fucking asshole wish I didn't show it
Stubborn to the core wish I could control it
Ego fill up the room and its still growing
Full blown confidence, SHOW ME MY OPPONENT

Look into my eyes,
Where I'm from money talks we just speak enuff english to get us by
Fuck the law we got our eyes on the prize
So only strong survives other rules don't apply

Now all I see is bright lights and european cars
Buildings soo long they could reach out to mars
Fans wilding out, what the fuck is wrong with y'all?
Guess I'm pose to be special, they told em I'm a star( laughs)

Industry parties everybody so famous
Everybody is on something and they all getting faded
Celebrity chicks walking around half naked
I always had a feeling they was over rated (ugh)

Verse Three
Life is what u make it,That's why they say reality is a perception
Money is an illusion, now I'm second guessing
Do I really need all these things that I'm flexing
Shit has got me stressing

Issues with my girl cos she thinks I'm neglecting
Everything we have for a so called blessing
God knows I love her, but I feel about her, she will never understand she would always have questions,

This is my confession, apologies to my bother prophecy
I was mad that chose your direction
But the past year I done she shed alotta tears
And I made alotta change, overcame alotta fear

Now I tell it like JP told me,
Follow your religion,
Then comes family your gotta stick with em,
Then anything life has to offer pray u don't miss em.(Yea)