Bimini Rd.

Bimini Rd.

 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Bimini Rd. is a must see act. Performing a mixture of sex, drugs, rock & roll all painted with a Picasso style of energy. Bimini Rd. will move your feet and your mind.


Bimini Rd. is what you wish was on the radio. Five members consisting of Jon Wilkens, Travis Mansell, Aaron Kuklica, Mike Fischetti, and David Ortiz have come together to create music that can move the listener. Grabbing from Funk, Rock, Reggae, Alternative, and Soul they aspire to create a fusion that appeals to all ages, nationalities, and classes.



Written By: Travis Mansell

"In a polaroid picture that you gave me, I see all the things that you never said to me, the way you hold me so tightly, Man I wish you would have told me."


Album "Walkabouts" - 2009
1. Timeline
2. Mylife
3. Fire
4. Burning Bridges
5. Space Coast
6. 15
7. Circles


No Frustrations

And Then Some-March 2012
1. Rhyme and the Rhythm
2. Dreamer
3. San Juan
4. Photos
5. No Frustrations

Bimini Rd.-Bimini Rd. March 2013
1. A Fool's Lament
2. Gravity
3. Rolling Stone (A Bob Dylan Tribute)
4. Dreamer
5. When Dance Was Nice
6. Black Dress
7. Shoot 'Em Up
8. Move You
9. Rhyme and the Rhythm
10. Libertad
11. San Juan