Binary Fusion

Binary Fusion


Binary Fusion is a youth Jazz/Funk/Fusion group of five 16 years olds playing authentic jazz, bossa nova, uptempo blues, and classics to suburban america.


True entertainment is brought to suburbia with an incredible level of skill. Binary Fusion is a fully adaptable music ensemble. We can scale down or size up for any venue. We play music custom selected for every gig, and are playing for you.

Styles are classic 1950-1960's jazz, fusion, funk, classic rock with a jazz twist, and bossa nova styles. Influence styles are Dave Brubek, Herbie Hancock, and of course Miles.
Please give us a call or send us an email with a location, date, and time, or even just a future possibility. We love to play! Please suggest the volume needed, musical style, musical selection, and band size. We can accommodate your needs no matter what.

Rates are based on time played and band size. Please give us a call or email to discuss the performance information.


First CD created with originals and some covers from Dave Brubek and some Herbie Hancock.

Set List

We have a massive repertoire and rehearse for every set list, which is chosen carefully. jazz, fusion, funk, classic rock