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Binary Star

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Binary Star has that Classic Hip Hop vibe from the mid to late 90's feel. Often compared to A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, The Roots. The lyrics are thought-provoking and the music is sampled and chopped from Jazz and Soul elements.


One Be Lo aka OneManArmy (producer, emcee)

Senim Silla (emcee)

DJ (tba)

Binary Star is back to change the game once again.

The duo of emcees One Be Lo and Senim Silla possess a lethal chemistry greater than the sum of its parts. Trading verses effortlessly, the two can create magic on the mic ranging from intricate storytelling to battle raps.

Hailing from Pontiac, Michigan - Lo and Senim originally met in high school and instantly developed a close friendship. However one poor decision that could have easily derailed their career, made the bond between them stronger and more focused. An armed robbery conviction landed them both in prison for a three-year sentence and during this time Binary Star officially came into existence in 1995.

Upon their release, Lo and Senim had grown more mature, focused, and immediately began recording what would evolve into M.O.T.U. and the classic song "Reality Check." Binary also had plenty of beats waiting from longtime friend Decompoze who would co-produce a majority of the album.

After initially pressing up CD, vinyl, and tape copies - the Binary Star buzz earned the group a distribution deal that would convert music listeners into loyal fans with the release of M.O.T.U. in 2000. It went on to sell over 25,000 units and showed the viability of independent hip-hop during a time when major labels had begun the commercialization of rap music.

Shortly after recording the M.O.T.U. album, the two parted ways claiming creative differences. One Be Lo developed his own solo career by rocking shows across the country. In 2005 his solo debut S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. moved over 22,000 units on Fat Beats. Lo also kept fans happy with several releases on his own Subterraneous Records: Fetus, Stillborn, and Rebirth. This has set the foundation nicely for the highly anticipated B.A.B.Y. with a February 2009 release date on Myx Music Label.

Recently reuniting after a 10-year hiatus, Binary Star is back in the studio working on its long awaited follow-up to the classic debut album Masters Of The Universe (M.O.T.U.). Tentatively titled "Light Years Apart," the duo's EP serves as a mere prequel to a full-length LP.


Reality Check

Written By: Binary Star

(I have a request tonite...when you here this..that is the introduction)
scratching....(do you love pianos?)

This is how I represent I rock the mic 110 percent
It's intimate, I keeps the party moving like a imigrant
Binary Star, superstar its no coincidence
Every verse is intricate, this ain't a circus in a tent
We don't get down like them clowns and the kids
I'm use to being indegent, who said its all about the Benjamin's?
I wanna fortune, I wanna make music and hit the lottery
Fortunately my music is never watery
That's how its gotta be, as far as I can see
Maybe you should grab a telescope to see my veiw its like astronomy
It aint all about economy
so the fact that these wack emcees is making G's don't bother me
Honestly, my number one policy is quality
never sell my soul is my philosophy
High velocity, lyrics like Nastradamus make a prophecy
I told you cats a long time a go it ain't no stoppin' me
I bomb your set that's not a threat its a promise
Got everybody ridin' on my wagon like the Amish
But still I never claim to be a big rap star
So no matter who you are its still Allah who act God
Better believe this, most rappers can't achieve this
I'm bad to the bone but x-rays can't even see this
See I'm strategic I letcha money talk bullshit walk
While I keep it rollin' like parapalegics
Whoever's on the microphone let it be known
You in danger, I got next(necks) like the Boston Strangler
You ain't never heard an emcee speak like this
And Rodney King ain't never felt a beat like this

[Voice:] (That is the Main theme)... [scratching..] ( I wanna know something else)

[Senim Silla]
Get a grip on yourself cuz you ain't grippin mines
Life and times, outta lies rap guys outta line careers I finalize
collide with this seranade cyanide you apply for Silla's high
The thing that makes killa's high
Hang 'em high by the gold link necktie
And drain 'em dry into tempest eye now you ain't God
so you ain't that high wanna be aeronautic
And get swatted for actin' fly
Masterminds crafty rhymes, I'll rip from drafty lines
that chill spines like the Alpines, runnin up on some natural binds
A close encounter of the worst kind
Go ask the cats that heard I'm lyrical turpentine
Who wanna taste mine I gotta carry hill on the wasteline
God give the bassline so let the phlegm fly
I survive seven-five through the M-ine, when I forcefully Jedi
On the wooze I red-eye, heads fly bet I, sharpshoot dead-eye
Snooze crews bed bye, Mary lou flippin' I pistol pump grippin
I stompin, I semper-fi represent, temper high, signify
Walkin round ain't nothin similar
Like a Gemini, in this perimeter sublimin-ie
Cats be cut dry more why I wet guys
I be rainin precipitation 'til it's one inch your neck high
Less fly kids misguide, without an alibi
Who said you rap tight? You come unraveled by
Slice of this rap scalpel, guys quick as apple pie
I'm learned in old schools of thought and shit you baffled by
Conceptual intellectual fireslide
Silla oxide rhymes flow like a rockslide
you musta forgot I, have your ass knockneed and cockeyed
Bruised, battered, broken up, walkin, cut dipped in peroxide
Death to the Pop Fly

( I usualy don't do request numbers)... [scratching..]
( unless of course I have been asked to do so)...
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Honest Expression

Written By: Binary Star

Voice sample:]
"Ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself. It is easy for
me to put on a show, and be cocky so I can show you some really fancy
movement. But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to
express myself honestly enough; that my friend is very hard to do."

[Verse 1]
Like sand through the hourglass
So are the days of our lives
And for that lie, only we thrive
Awakenings, as we make the dead come alive
Rise and walk my son, come into the light
Inside the dark, we illuminate mics
Give knowledge to mediocre, the will to Neanderthal
Filter to the smog, digital to analog
We steady advancing, rhyme enhancing
Simple minds can't keep up with this

[Verse 2]
I'm a put it on the table
I ain't a thug nigga and playa
I ain't playful, I'm jus' a non-sinner
A man without label, standin' on my own two
Tryin' to stay stable
Speakin' what I know, to only what I label
I ain't the kinda guy who carry out for dough
The material cat who walk around for show
I'm jus' everyday, merry-way Joe-in-the-go
While other's go wit' the flow
I ain't never been the one to follow trend
I do my own bit, can't keep up with the Joneses
I'm on my own shit, I don't care what you drink
What you stress, how you dress, or where you got the link
I ain't impressed
These lames walk around like mice in the maze
Tryin' to get up on cheese, its just a rap race
One escapes time seems to make
Man worships things over the supreme thing
A stop for lots, should I join the hypocrites
Or side with the suckers, by choice
It makes no difference, that you're a product of environment
Is just coincidence, the world's a violent place baby
There ain't no more innocence, or civil men of penitence
Just ignorance, casting the right from wrong
They mimic shit they see on TV or hear in a song
What they tell you they on, a sucker act up every minute
The righteous live on, but them niggas is invented

[Verse 3]
Yo, I ain't hardcore, I don't pack a nine millimeter
Most a y'all gangsta rappers ain't hardcore neither
Whoever get mad, then I'm talkin' 'bout you
Claim you fear no man, but never walk wit' our crew
Where I'm from, your reputation don't mean jack
So what, you pack gats and you sell fiends crack
You ain't big time, my man
You ain't no different from the next cat in my neighborhood who did time
Rhyme after rhymes it's the same topic
What make you think you hardcore 'cause you was raised in the projects
Broke-ass finally got a hundred in your pocket
Now you on the mic, spittin' money's no object
What you say is bullcrap, if you wasn't wit' your crew
Or wasn't drunk off the brew, would you still pull gats?
You need to stop fronting or you headed for self-destruction
Yeah, today's topic, is self-destruction
I ain't talkin' 'bout the KRS-One discussion
I'm talkin' 'bout the one-too-many ignorant suckers
Lyin' on the mic to my sisters and brothers
Every time you listen to the radio
All you hear is nonsense, they never play the bomb shit
Everything that glitters ain't gold
And every gold record don't glitter, that's for damn sure

[Scratching Voices:]
"Y'all need to be cool as shit"
"Tryin' to teach you from the heart"
"Y'all rambling on, and ain't sayin' nothing"
"I'm busy in the mind"
"I'm a go invent, I think I'll elevate my mental"

Yo, see cats got confused somewhere man (confused)
About what hip-hop was, you know what I'm sayin'
Or what hip-hop is, (it's business yo) you know it
It's all business
(its big money, know what I'm sayin' that's all these cats about)
You know that's bullshit, right? That's nigga talk, nigga talk
But if you want to make money yo, I got it broke down though
I got it broke down, (break it down yo)
You got hip-hop, then you got hip-pop
Hip-pop? (hip-pop)
Alright, (but a lot of cats want pop)
Yes, (know what I'm sayin')
It used to be real hip
You got the top forty version of hip-hop
I still got something else, something else that I wanna get off my chest
What? (know what I'm sayin'?)

[Verse 4]
How many cats you know
Speak the ill-legit rhyme after rhyme diligent
Eighty-five percent represent ignorant
Either you innocent or guilty
Some of my favorite emcees fell of
It damn near killed me
Lookin' at the kids that was true hip-pop
Nowadays them cats don't even do hip-hop
Rap got 'em brainwashed, with cats that don't last
And five minutes of fame, that's when it's a shame
Seein' real emcees tryin' to imitate rappers
If you ask me, they goin' out ass-backwards
Trading in respect to push a fat Lex'
Puff rhymin' on the remix, what's next?
It hurts so bad, I wanna smack 'em
My favorite crew members break up
Turn around and join whack ones
This is dedicated to you hip-hop hypocrites
Droppin' whack songs, like you don't give a shit
I ain't got nothin' against nobody trying to make a decent living
It ain't the money that's the issue
Only if that's the reason why these cats ain't maki

Masters Of The Universe

Written By: Binary Star

(These styles is unknown to)..
The two headed dragon
...(these styles is unknown to)
...the two headed dragon

[Senim] Yo and it goes on y'all
[Tekniq] uh huh..

([Method Man] you don't know me and you don't know my style)

[Verse 1]
The two headed dragon breathes fire, blows flames, veins pumping octane
blazing plain, same brain
Same ankle that enabled Kain to slew that's a sharp blade
Whether your willing or able I see your stockade
I'm from an age where I just played caption
It's passin' the fact that what you really tougue lashin'
Yo and we strikin' they backs like they card cold the dashin'
Can't escape slavery boy
I'm still the master of natural disaster this rap tougue twister
Emergin' from Waterworld the mightly world wind
Microphone cyclone blowing in your ears like your girlfriend
Till the world ends all these minds puttin' work in
Employ these toys on a job and we'll see what the hell they was thinkin'
Must've been drunk
What the hell was they drinkin'?
Why, are these rules?
Broke as hell in a Lincoln
Head on collisions in these rap competitions
My crew cats record turns their frames into scrape metal
Off to the junk yard
Cuz ain't nobodies on my rap level you can ask the devil
It ain't no way in hell these contenders can hender
Remember, guard your fender, from a friender
Mista so now I'm Silla, sinister swindla
I brought you stigmas when your hides bust in line a temper
This is a warning to you men
We're joining these tournaments of journalists and live by the pen
Now die by the sword
Tears through your gourd, got you through the mic cord
It's fine but explored, but just fine wine is poured
Now toast to this, as we pour a little out for those who.. approaching this [x7]

[Verse 2]
Battle vocalist the one man army in a war against a bliss
Rockin' knowledge brings a weaponist
Don't just step to this
I sent Pharoahe messages like Moses takin' my people on an exodus
We on the run, I split the m-i-c open
Kids try to follow but get swallowed in the ocean
Preacher of the truth, I'm believers makin' mockery
It ain't no stoppin' me, I fulfill all prophecy
Similar to David with the rock, I sling shots at your bestest warrior plus
I'm ill with the poetry
You know its me but you still couldn't catch us, manuever on the mic or loss
heads like John the Baptist
When I rap this whack MC's feel the rapture
Others fugitive style your brains couldn't capture
Ever since the beginning of time
Let there be light
That's the first day, I wrote my first rhyme
I'm still writin', I seen you lookin' at 'em, but don't even think about
Forbidden poetry is a life
Dig these, your ass couldn't hide from me with fig leaves..

(you don't know me and you don't know my style [Method Man])

[Verse 3]
We move fast, like quick draw, McGrall, when it's time
We get raw, our crew come together like jigsaws, puzzles
We movin' on the double
A t-r-o-u-b-l-e, we spell trouble
For you cats and dogs without muzzles, barking in my face
That'll carry no weight like space shuttles
We rock the mic like rubble
Binary Star came to rain, drip, drop, rain puddles
Suddle, anonymous, rap hippopatomus, no comogenous
Deeper than a pit, that's bottomless
The knowledge is, to see us, you must meet astrologist
Stars, quasars, cyrus, synonomous..

...(these styles is unknown to)
...(leavin' no limits)
...(we don't forgive or forget)..



...(these styles is unknown to)...(these styles is unknown to)..

we bum rush, there's no envision

whatchu know about this [x2]

...([Method Man] you don't know me and you don't know my style)
...(these styles is unknown to)
...([Method Man] you don't know me and you don't know my style)...
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Slang Blade

Written By: Binary Star

Lyrics to Slang Blade :
[Senim Silla]
How you feel, What the hell is this shit?
Reaching for the cover, turning up your deck
Who's blowing your cassette? Color me for suspect
Tan's what I am, tan rizzems what I rep
Rap fans bely we don't forgive or forget
Strapping down the mic, kamikaze rock the mic
Suicide, stage dive, it's gonna be a live night
Now just to be accurate, label me immaculate
Short fuse like monagues fuel capulets
Elaborate labyrinth, lavish pimp pattering
Rip, rude to ravishing, cabbage scavenging
from word babbling, babbling brook and words travelling
Like Miles Tattling, I'm kind of partial to battling
Haven't you heard, you got beef from a so cattle then
Hit the sunset saddling, rap Bronco
Riding over tracks, Lone Ranger and Tanto
Compose on the console, making it feel better
Sunny to ill weather, I'm a all-season pro
All-terrain flow, shift five gears with four-by-four
On the go in the fast lane without reverse, I can't slow
No brakes, push the pedal to the metal
The Formula One devil
Heating up the treble, I rock like Prudential
Most cats is just Pebbles, when you want it live you can't
Compromise or settle, check my water level
My reservoir pours Great Lakes fifty States
And across seashores, the word spreads like pollen from spores
Like wisdom from folklores, my fans from tours
And those are just metaphores
For how I distribute to you and yours
Opening doors
We bum rush like a drug bust
Nickel and dime, now all is mine alumnus, illustrous, wondrous
Ominous in my Prime, call me Optimus Senim
Transforming slang on the fire maximize
Complete fumigation better jet for ventilation
Before you suffer from Senim inhalation
Air deprivation
Playing me for jolly, that's a dead man's folly
Or crippled probably
On the good ship, get popped for acting lolly
By the son of Bobby, bro how you like me now, like pulling a shotty
Pistol whip your head, now they throw your boys lobby
You'll be callin on the dolly
Senim's of the size of the kill with a slang blade
Some call it a kaiser
Equalizer blows your brains, expose your wiser
Now which bastard wants some acid
Corrosive chemicals casted
Spitting venom I mastered
Ran with dogs as rabid and rivers as rapid
Rapping five we don't tire
Do you desire to become cross-fire
Blow their gun-for-hire, Blazing Saddle esquire
Michigan, Michelin, my dogs will never tire.

[Scratch up 'Poison slang']
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Binary Star - New Hip Hop b/w Slang Blade, Glen Close, Dat Fast Food Joint (Terrorist / Federation - 1998)
(12 Inch Single)

Side A
01. New Hip Hop
02. New Hip Hop (Instrumental)
03. Slang Blade
04. Slang Blade (Instrumental)
Side B
01. Glen Close
02. Glen Close (Instrumental)
03. Dat Fast Food Joint
04. Dat Fast Food Joint (Instrumental)

Binary Star - New Hip Hop b/w Slang Blade, Glen Close, Dat Fast Food Joint (Terrorist / Federation - 1998)
(Cassette Tape)

Side A
01. New Hip Hop
02. New Hip Hop (Instrumental)
03. Slang Blade
04. Slang Blade (Instrumental)
Side B
01. Glen Close
02. Glen Close (Instrumental)
03. Dat Fast Food Joint
04. Dat Fast Food Joint (Instrumental)


Binary Star - WaterWorld (Terrorist - 1999)

01. Intro
02. New Hip Hop
03. Reality Check
04. Freakin Flowz (featuring Decompoze)
05. Binary Shuffle
06. Dat Fast Food Joint
07. Conquistadors
08. Fellowship (featuring Athletic Mic League & Decompoze)
09. Slang Blade
10. Indy 500 (Decompoze cut)
11. The Evolution of Man
12. What It's All About (featuring Decompoze)
13. Glen Close
14. Honest Expression
15. Wolf Man Jack
16. OneManArmy
17. K.G.B. (featuring Malaki The Most Hi, Texture, Elzhi, O-Type Star, Lacks & J.U.I.C.E.)


Binary Star - Masters Of The Universe (Subterraneous - 2000)

Set List

01. Reality Check
02. Conquistadors
03. Solar Powered Intro
04. Solar Powered
05. Slang Blade Intro
06. Slang Blade
07. Binary Shuffle Intro
08. Binary Shuffle
09. Fellowship (featuring Athletic Mic League & Decompoze)
10. New Hip Hop
11. Masters of the Universe
12. Indy 500 (Decompoze cut)
13. Evolution of Man
14. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (part 1)
15. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (part 2)
16. Honest Expression
17. Honest Expression Outro
18. Glen Close
19. Wolf Man Jack Intro
20. Wolf Man Jack
21. One Man Army
22. K.G.B. Intro
23. K.G.B. (featuring Malaki The Most Hi, Texture, Elzhi, O-Type Star, Lacks & J.U.I.C.E.)
24. Outro