Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandAlternativeDoom Metal

BingeNinja is weird. They have acoustic records, electronic records and heavy full band records. They play those records live with varied member lineups, at various eclectic shows. Keep in touch to see what manner of unruly performance is coming up next.


 From the ashes of various rock, punk, grunge and hardcore projects, BingeNinja's initial concept was to be a band that would never have to adhere to any specific genre, sound or fashion. Hailing from Toronto, they began making a name for themselves by playing in a variety of music scenes throughout the G.T.A. Known for their high energy performances of varied and eclectic genre-bending set lists in punk/hardcore shows, acoustic coffee shops and electronic dance parties, they began attracting larger audiences and building a fan base. From 2008-present BingeNinja has played with such local and international acts as Finger Eleven, Mare, Enduser, Courtney Lynn, The Waking Eyes, Dance Electric, Life In Vacuum, HORMOANS and The Love and Terror Cult just to name a few. In September 2011, BingeNinja self-released an acoustic EP, "Needle in a Needle Stack", followed in December 2011 by a joint electronic record with Toronto-based artist/producer The First Seed entitled "Kissing At Summer Camp". The acclaim of these records resulted in BingeNinja having the opportunity to play gigs all around Ontario, Quebec and Vancouver, BC. After completing the full-length LP, The Dead Artisan, The New Artist (Self-Destruction for Re-Invention), BingeNinja decided that a traditional release on CD would not be enough to garner the proper artistic validation for such a varied, musically diverse album. Extending beyond just the musical realm, the band produced a video for each of the 19 songs on the release using a D.I.Y. aesthetic, multi-filter cameras and a drive to obtain fringe status by offering something that had never been done before in today's stale, predictable musical landscape. This unique video album on DVD tells the story of an artist destroyed by the environment forced upon him, only to rebuild himself through the creation of his own artistic freedom. In 2014 they released a collaborative split record with Streetsville-based acoustic duo Make haste To Live called "Melted-Together Ice Sculptures". BingeNinja is in the studio recording another genre-bending full length record, and the band continues to play diverse, eclectic shows throughout the GTA and Canada.



Written By: Shane Burrow

Petrified like wood washed on shore and dried out
Withered and burnt
Leaves grow dried out, here we all do
Taken outside
Caught beneath me
I don't deny it
I won't deny it's all beneath me
Underneath me, cause it brings me down
Safe as hardened, miniscule leaks
Caving under a plethora of exaustions
Lessons are endearing
Waiting till the summer's gone to make the same mistakes
She's hot like lava, but only in a lamp
She's a sunspot, and our love is solar fusion
Sheep stand alone on this woven, sacrificial row
They're no different from me
We both can't sleep with no heart attack
It's less decieving to number all your lovers:
1) Destroyed and 2) Nonchalant
These holes will release me
I will be with you again


"Needle in a Needle Stack" EP - 2011

"Kissing At Summer Camp" Joint record w/ The First Seed - 2011

"The Dead Artisan, The New Artist" (Self-Destruction for Re-Invention) - 2013

"Melted-Together Ice Sculptures" Split EP w/ Make Haste To Live - 2014

Set List

1) Make me Disappear

2) Why Do It Over?

3) Trephining

4) Murdered

5) It Was Me

6) Jen, This Is For You

7) Obsolescence