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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Bingo Fridays in the House"

Ipswich - Up and coming local band Bingo Fridays...which has made a name for itself locally by playing charity events and backing up Elephant House at the West End Theater in Gloucester, has a chance now to broaden its stage.

The band features four young Ipswich residents, all of whom are dedicated musicians. Jake Pardee, 16, sings and plays guitar. He studies at the New England Conservatory on weekends and takes jazz guitar lessons with Anthony Weller. Sax player Zach Gorrell, 18, studies with tenorist Mike Tucker. Bass player Pete Iannitto will be attending Berklee College of Music in the fall in addition to taking private lessons with Adam Saylor (Elephant House, Left Over Wine). And, Aarpm Zaroulis, 16, plays drums for the band.

Pardee describes Bingo Fridays music this way: "We are a quartet that plays a fusion of blues, rock and jazz. We rely heavily on our improvisational skills in order to excite crowds."

In addition to playing local venues, the has performed at the Middle East Upstairs, Middle East Downstairs, both in Cambridge, and at Harper's Ferry in Allston. And, they've been invited to back up a touring band in New Hampshire.

Bingo Fridays recently recorded a three-track CD that is being sold to benefit Facing History, an organization that raises awareness about The Holocaust and delivers classroom strategies, resources and lessons that inspire young people to take responsibility for their world. The band has also played at private and public fundraisers for Hurricane Katrina Relief, Tsunami Relief, Darfur Awareness, Life Straw and other charitable efforts.

Pardee says all band members are devoted entirely to playing music and have decided to pursue music as a career.

"There truly is nothing I can possibly think of that I could do and be even remotely happy that is not playing my guitar in public," he says.

Pardee says band members feel it's in their best interest to get as much professional experience now, while they are still living rent-free. This has meant booking venues and entire concerts, working with club owners and learning to navigate many other aspects of the music industry.

Check out Bingo Fridays performances at - Ipswich Chronicle

"Bingo Fridays Raises Money For Charity"

Ipswich - Bingo Fridays...played a benefit concert at Ascension Church Feb. 23. They raised $500 for Common Ground, a free healthcare clinic in New Orleans." - Ipswich Chronicle

"Singing for Human Rights: Bingo Fridays"

Singing for Human Rights: Bingo Fridays
By Beth Healey

According to peace educator Arn Chorn Pond, music is "a really basic human right" that gets to "the core of what it means to be human." Arn’s belief is embraced by the Ipswich, Massachusetts-based band Bingo Fridays. Comprised of four teenagers, Jake Pardee, Zach Gorrell, Pete Iannitto, and Adam Zaroulis, the band believes that musicians have a responsibility to use their music to make the world better. Bingo Fridays’ music encourages listeners to participate in “building up the good in the world.”

The band also uses music as a way to directly benefit particular causes. Through performances, these four musicians have raised thousands of dollars for various charities supporting such causes as breast cancer research, Hurricane Katrina recovery, and aid for survivors of the 2004 tsunami.

Most recently, Bingo Fridays recorded a CD of songs partially inspired by Facing History and Ourselves’ Choosing to Participate exhibit in Boston ( The idea for one of the songs came from a famous poem by Pastor Niemoller, "First They Came...." The song encourages people to take positive action. Another song addresses the idea that “Everybody has a story,” while a third looks at the genocide in Darfur.

Bingo Fridays is generously donating proceeds from the sale of the CD to Facing History and Ourselves. Like the title of the exhibit that inspired them, Bingo Fridays is a band that truly chooses to participate in making the world better for all of us.

Interview with Bingo Fridays, June, 2008

Can you tell us some specifics about each of the songs inspired by Choosing to Participate?

When faced with the challenge of creating musical compositions that reflected the values of Facing History and Ourselves, our group immediately found itself in a unique and different situation. Previously we had written songs discussing world issues, but had never written something so specific; songs that encouraged participation directly.

Our first song, “What If” was written by our bassist Pete. The song was unlike any other song we had written before, because there was more singing than usual. Our compositions typically have structures that feature a great deal of improvisation on guitar and saxophone, so having a regular “songwriter” styled song was a new experience.

Pete was inspired to write this song when he visited the Facing History and Ourselves Choosing to Participate exhibit at the Boston Public Library. The exhibit highlighted the repetition of injustice in the world from genocide to genocide. The chorus of the song was inspired by Pastor Martin Niemöller’s poem "First they came…" The poem is about Niemöller, a controversial German Pastor prior to World War Two, who sees whole groups of people killed for their beliefs and doesn’t speak out, then finally when he is singled out, no one is left to help him. The main lyric of the chorus of our song is “What if it were you, what if it were me.” This expresses that even if a problem is not in our own lives it could and may eventually be in the future. It is a song of compassion that encourages awareness.

The next song on our CD was called “Face the Facts”. This song was written by out keyboardist Zach. The song features a more traditional “Bingo Fridays” sound. We realized in order to attract a large audience to our music; we needed to write up-lifting, happy songs while still retaining strong, encouraging messages. Zach wrote the lyrics for this song to show that people are people no matter what they look like or where they live and should be treated equally. The chorus to the song goes,

“People come from different places,
People have all different faces.
One thing that you should know
Is there’s a story to be found”

This shows that every person has some sort of incredible story and that most would never know unless they got to know them. This song was written to encourage the listener not to judge a person by their outside but to instead learn about them.
The final song on the CD was written by our guitarist Jake a few years ago. It was the only song that was not written specifically for the CD. The song was written to express the deep pain and frustration many feel about the genocide in Darfur and the concept that after every episode of human destruction the world sees, the world always responds that “Never again” will genocide occur. In the song Jake sings:

“If 'never again' has always meant not until the next time,
Will this world ever make any steps forward?”

In saying this, we are explaining how our promises of “never again” have not been kept and still today we have genocide and injustice in the world. This song is a plea to the world to look at our actions and to carefully make choices that will determine our world’s future.

What about Choosing to Participate motivated you to write some songs?

We have always been in - Facing History


Bingo Fridays
Year: 2010
Produced by: Jake Pardee

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Bingo Fridays is what you're dying to hear become the new "popular" music. In a world of trashy television and sold-out bands comes a ray of hope for the music industry. Bingo Fridays, a young band out of Boston, Massachusetts, led by guitarist Jake Pardee and bassist Pete Iannittto, is that ray of hope.

Young enough to know what it takes to pack a club and get audiences excited, but old enough to remember when MTV actually played music, Bingo Fridays is delivering what modern music should be by combining influences of jazz, reggae, blues, funk, rock, and everything in-between.

Formal training through Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory offer a sophisticated approach to improvisation and arrangement and ultimately lead to Bingo Fridays being the band you should be keeping tabs on.

If you haven't checked out a Bingo Fridays show yet, it's in your best interest, ask anyone from one of their performances at the Paradise Rock Club, Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs, Harper's Ferry, or any other venue. They'll tell you... Bingo Fridays is going to be the "new" modern music and we can all be thankful for that.

So smile, friends... there's hope!