Acoustic rock/folk with faster tunes mixed in with lighter pleasing tunes which let people just relax


I've been playing and writing for over ten years and just love to be on stage. I Love to feed off the crown and make them want more. The best gig ever was a Christmas special I hosted. The crowd just kept growing and growing. They wanted more so we gave it to them and ended up playing near 3 hours on top of the 3 hours of openers. I love to please a crowd. OUr biggest influence has been Blue Rodeo. It's a sound that resonates with a crowd.


Unfortunately we haven't reached that level. We were hoping to get to that point this year.

Set List

We have a extensive list of covers, everything from the stones, Chris Isaak to Bob Segar. Our sets usually last around 2 hours. We have played a lot longer then that in an evening