Los Angeles, California, USA
BandEDMNew Age

Coming from a linage of classically trained pianists Biomass' Walter Douglas synchronizes live electronic indus-tribal drumming w/ Keith Mcgrew's alien ethereal synthesizing in visionary sonic mysticism. Biomass performances are an outpouring of enviro-art & human energies in ritual ambient trance.


Coming from a linage of classically trained pianists Walter James Douglas synchronizes live performance on modern electronic instrumentation & technology with the perennial tradition of sonic mysticism. Originally from Boston, Walter discovered & initiated the synchronization of ancient shamanic elements in audio visualization experiments in Los Angeles, California in 1990. Biomass music is an emotionally dynamic energy field developed by Walter that holds multi-dimensional potential for psychonauts & dancers. Biomass performances are an outpouring of live human energies in ritual trance with Walter on electronic drums and Second Culture's Keith McGrew on synthesizers. With performances in Los Angeles & Riverside, Biomass has steadily built a small following across the area opening up for artists including Kill Memory Crash, Moontribe, Xanopticon, Diskore, DJ Liquid, Producer Snafu, Evolve Music's Dolphin Brain, H.M.S. (Healing Mystical Science) & Demonslayer. The first Biomass album Energy is scheduled for release in August 2011.


Energy LP to be released in August 2011