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We, Biomecca, are a hip hop group like none other, hailing primarily from Wyoming we are heavily influenced by Snowboarding and punk music, but we keep it hip hop and underground, because we believe in our roots and our friendship.


Opening up for Coolio had more influence that you could imagine. He is old and sold out right? Well, during christmas 2004 when he came through Jackson Hole, Wyoming, two local MC's had a great opportunity. That is where Biomecca began, with MC's Hef and Cwaz when they were in high school. As they gained a little popularity they added another local MC named Craft and worked closely with MC's 101 and Twan. Now we are all in Seattle and working together full time. With our addition from NYC, MC Y.O., we feel as if we have completed the puzzle. Along our road to where we are we have played with Coolio as mentioned, 2mex, and one of our favorite MC's One Be Lo. The majority of our production is handled by Seattle producer D-mello who was recently named as one of the top 15 beatsmiths in the Northwest. Biomecca means the center of life, and our first album will be entitled The Pilgrimage, and we are ready to get our feet wet.


No official EP or LP's. No songs with Radio Play though we are pushing KUBE 93 to Play Foolish Ways Feat. Issac Hayden as of right now. We have been added to a few local podcasts.

Set List

Typical Set list-
1)Foolish Ways
2)Tangled Mind
3)Love Life
4)Writing Rhymes
5)Who Could it Be?
6)Like Liquid
7)Pass the Mic
9)Cigs N Beer
10)Judge Not
11)Trumpy Stew
12)The Return

This is going to be typical for now, but we are continuously working on the the CD and have yet to do the title track, or a couple songs to our favorite beats we are going to use, so the set list will be varying a bit coming up. As of now 35 minutes is about right but as we finish up the CD it will most likeley increase to 45 to 55 minutes. No Covers.