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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
Band Metal Hip Hop


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Life in the big leagues has been a bit scary for the guys in Bionic Jive. The Valley rap-metal outfit has its major-label debut, Armageddon Through Your Speakers, popping into stores Oct. 16. But it has been a bumpy road getting to that date.The group initially signed with the small Farm Club label. When that was swallowed up, Bionic Jive wound up at Interscope."I think half of the bands (on Farm Club) didn't find a home," says Larry Elyea,...
- Arizona Republic, The (Phoenix, AZ) - October 4, 2001

In Los Angeles to tape their national television debut, members of Bionic Jive were greeted at the airport by a personal chauffeur. But the handwritten sign she held was proof that the rap-metal group hasn't hit the big time yet. It read: ''Bionic Drive.'' The Valley band's days of obscurity may be numbered, however, after it closed in on a deal last week with Jimmy & Doug's, a new...
- Arizona Republic, The (Phoenix, AZ) - May 28, 2000

Bionic Jive, "Armageddon Through Your Speaker" (Interscope Records) @* From Ako Mack's harsh and uncompromising vocals to cohort Emerg McVay's more traditional brute-force rap, Bionic Jive may be another rock-rap band - but a rock-rap band to be reckoned with.While the lyrics aren't always the best, Mack and McVay deliver them so rhythmically it is impossible to ignore their talent as rappers for long. Guitarist Larry...
- Daily Herald - December 21, 2001

BIONIC JIVE - NORMAL, Ill. -- Move over Linkin Park, there's a new rap-rock fusion tearing up the music biz; an act that's been sharing the stage with Eminem and Papa Roach at this year's Anger Management Tour. They go by the name of Bionic Jive, and they're just as comfortable screaming their lungs out as they are spitting quick, to-the-point rhymes. But Bionic Jive hasn't always been a blur between genres.They used to be...
- Daily Vidette, The (Illinois State University) (IL) - July 31, 2002

'Armageddon Through Your Speaker' ***1/2 Bionic Jive (Interscope) Why should America pay attention to the major-label debut by the Valley's preeminent rap-metal outfit when the field has become cluttered and stagnant?Because Bionic Jive is different.While much of the instrumentation on this disc is standard crunch and scorch, the decidedly hip-hop vocals are a few notches above the one-dimensional whinings of the White-boy suburbanites that...
- Arizona Republic, The (Phoenix, AZ) - October 25, 2001

The Anger Management Tour, led by Eminem, pulls into HSBC Arena on Thursday for a 6:30 p.m. show. Also on the bill are Ludacris, Papa Roach, Xzibit, Bionic Jive, the X-Ecutioners and D12. We caught up with MC EMERG McVAY of Bionic Jive from his home in Phoenix.How do you describe Bionic Jive? I'd say we'd be more along the lines of Rage Against the Machine, but we're not a political band or anything like that. Me and the other MC (Ako Mac) are like true...
- Buffalo News, The (NY) - July 12, 2002

Eminem Joins the Boy-Band Wagon? / Anger's hard to control onstage, so the rapper adds a few new steps

MUSIC REVIEW ANGER MANAGEMENT TOUR. Eminem was half-right: It does feel so empty. With a pumped Papa Roach, Ludacris, Xzibit, X-ecutioners and Bionic Jive. At Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater Friday night.t's an act, Eminem and his supporters say. It's pretend, all part of "The Eminem Show." The misogynistic, homophobic, anger-filled, self-loathing sentiments he expresses on his albums? Only talk from characters, they say....
- Newsday (Melville, NY) - July 29, 2002

Poppin' at Pop's D12, Kottonmouth Kings, Bionic Jive at 8 p.m. Monday at Pop's, 1403 Mississippi Avenue, Sauget; 618-274-6720 Nelly wasn't the only rapper to score this year with a new CD from his crew. Eminem's D12 struck a chord with its "Devils Night" CD. D12 is already known for controversy. The group was removed from the Vans Warped tour last summer after a backstage fight with another act.It...
- St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) - November 1, 2001

Eminem with Papa Roach, D12, Ludacris, Xzibit, X-Ecutioners and Bionic Jive WHEN: Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. WHERE: Cleveland State University Convocation Center.TICKETS: $42.50 and $39.50, on sale at Ticketmaster. “I’m a pit bull off his leash,” rapper Eminem snarls at one point in his new album “The Eminem Show,” then later confides that his insecurities “could eat him alive.” It’s these...
- Repository, The (Canton, OH) - July 26, 2002


- Discography -
Armageddon Through Your Speakers - Interscope Records (2001)
Armageddon Unreleased - Independent Release (2004)
Live and Unreleased - Farmclub Exclusive
Judgement Time - Judge D
Passion Over Politics - Independent Release (2008)

- Movie Soundtracks -
The Transporter - "Ricochet" (2002)
The Italian Job - Exclusive trailer (2003)
Resident Evil - "Swarm" (2002)
We Play Crazy #3 (DVD 2008)
The Golden Era (DVD 2009)

- Video Game Appearances -
ATV-2 (2004)
Postal 2 (2004)
Guitar Hero: Downloadable Song (2005)



Emanating from the desert floor like a heat wave, the 5 man destruction squad known as BIONIC JIVE is rising like a Phoenix from the sprawling wasteland that bears it's name. Throughout their career, BIONIC JIVE has established themselves as one of the Southwest's most intense and passionate live acts. Featuring a dark, hard-hitting sound that has been described by some as "Thug Metal", BIONIC JIVE encorporates elements of a vast range of styles including Hip Hop, Funk and Extreme Metal. The end result is a truly unique angle on the genre and promises to raise the bar to an entirely new level that will re-define the way "Rap-Core" is looked at in the future.

2008 saw the release of BIONIC JIVE's 2nd full-length release "Passion Over Politics" which, yet again, set a new standard for music of it's kind. Featuring the unstoppable vocal force of one Asayanda "Ako" Mack and one Marc "Emerg McVay" Moore, BIONIC JIVE drops some of the most poignant lyrical content heard today. This frenetic lyrical assault is only matched by the ferocity of the instrumentation brought to you by Richard "Cunni" Gartner (Bass Guitar), Matthew "Porkchop" Ward (Lead Guitar) and Chris "Cooter" Carlson (Drums). The sounds created by this team can only be described a VISCERAL. Psychotic and often Psychedelic, "Cunni's" swirling, spiraling bass lines write a sonic mystery that is narrated by "Porkchop's" searing Guitar blasts and locked into a rock-solid timeline by "Cooter", the rythmic overseer. The level of precision and technique displayed by these consummate professionals is something that must be witnessed to be believed. This provides for a seemingly endless energy level that carries all the way from your stereo speakers to the stage. This undeniable force has garnered the BIONIC squad such achievements as being signed to Interscope Records for their debut release "Armageddon Through Your Speaker", to songs that have appeared on major motion pictures such as "Resident Evil" and "The Transporter".