Steve Austin: The Bioniq Emcee

Steve Austin: The Bioniq Emcee

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He IS Hip-Hop, He IS Soul, and He IS exactly what the game needs. An true emcee/artist that can appeal to nearly any genre' and speak to the people in the language they can feel. At once marketable, powerful, and unique; Steve Austin is here to give you what you want and what you need to move you!


Steve Austin the Bioniq MC is a Louisiana born and bred Dallas-based
rapper known for his undeniably precise, versatile lyrical flow laced atop the
attention-grabbing, body-moving beats and hooks that have become just
two of his trademarks. Standing tall at 6'5½", the toned, stylish Austin is as
readily distinguishable in person as he is on a verse. Austin's smooth
delivery tinged with his unique southern perspective and flow, flawless
production, passion, and relentless energy both on and off the stage
have facilitated his opening for countless renowned artists including
Outkast, Run DMC (1996/2000), DMX, Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, David Banner, Chico DeBarge, Bonecrusher, Twista, and Biz Markie, among others.

Also highly regarded as an impeccable professional mastering/recording
engineer, Austin has contributed to solo and collaborative efforts of
K.N.E.S. a/k/a Jelly Johnson, Money Waters, Pikahsso, Missy Burton,
G.Y.L.O., South Side Boys, Bavu Blakes, Al Lyric, and many more through
his company, Bioniq Labs.

Austin's releases include a series of successful mix tapes (Unleash the
Beast & Let the Monkey Out Vols. I, II, III, IV, & V; His Stint As Hollywood Cole The Jugganaut), and the upcoming album
LB. Gorilla (March 2005) in addition to a host of mixtapes and albums
produced by other artists.

The Southern University graduate holds a masters degree in physics and
is Cisco-certified in network engineeering...

"Steve Austin's Bioniq ability may be the uncut, raw, hip-hop you've
been wanting for so long."

- RAP SHEET Magazine

"An immensely energetic performer, the charismatic Austin has the type
of commanding flow to garner respect from the heads, and the type of
bangin' club anthems to heat up the joint and have the freaks flock to the


"Steve Austin is one of the fiercest MCs the region has ever produced."


Steve Austin believes supremely in his ability to bring the noise to the masses. "It is my time to show the world what I can do. When I UNLEASH THE BEAST, when I let the 800 LB. GORILLA loose, you will all bear witness to the most potent force in the hip-hop world for today and for years to come."

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The Singularity: A Hip-Hop Epiphany



Built For This

Full Length CD

Singles: H.A.T.E.R.S. Anonymous / Club Cuffin

Jan. 2003

Unleash The Beast

Full Length Mix CD

Dec. 2003

Let Da Monkey Out

Full Length Mix/Promo CD

Single: Lick Remix feat. Joi

Feb. 2004

Let Da Monkey Out Vol 2.

Full Length Mix/Promo CD

Single: Hit Me Again: Produced By Jay Dilla

July 2004

Let The Monkey Out Vol.3

Full Length Mix/Promo CD

Featuring: Turn The Lights Off

November 2004

800 LB. Gorilla

Full Length CD

Single: Oh Yeyah

Coming Soon!

Also Featured On

Straight Bonin' (Go Get It Entertainment, 2002)

Featuring: Lick (Remix)

Skrewed For This by The Chop Shop (Federation South Records, 2003)
chopped & skrewed versions of songs from Built For This

Blood Sport (Audible Facts, 2004)

Featuring: Blood Sport

Chop Shop Vol. 1 (Phenomena Entertainment, 2004)

Featuring: Lean Back (Remix) and Cut Buddy

Ray's Bodega (Mixtape, 2004)

Featuring: Crazy


- The Singularity: A Hip-Hop Epiphany - EP - 1999
- Built For This - Full Length CD (Singles: H.A.T.E.R.S. Anonymous / Club Cuffin) - Jan. 2003
- Unleash The Beast - Full Length Mix CD - Dec. 2003
- Let Da Monkey Out - Full Length Mix/Promo CD (Single: Lick Remix feat. Joi) - Feb. 2004
- 800 LB. Gorilla - Full Length CD (First Single: Come On) - Tentative Release Date: March 16, 2004

Set List

Original Beginning to every show (Freestyle normally with a theme to EVERY different show)

Move It Around

Bioniq Raw

Haters Anonymous

Average Man

Come On

Cut Buddy

Handle That

Take It Outside

Yes Yes Y'all

That is the typical set list, which can be trimmed to run anywhere from 8 minutes to 30 minutes as the themes that I provide and the crowd interaction between songs is different for each show and tailored to the event and crowd, as I have material for just about every "style" of hip-hop/rap music...