Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

Tokyo Electro Dance Music!


'Bioooo' was formed by Ken SHIBUYA (Vo/Mixer/Pro) in Tokyo, 2007.
Bioooo's catchy melodies are explosive, yet ever-changing unique Disco style based on Technomusic.
Its disco style entertainment attract people with its music integrating Electronica, BreakBeats, ambient, and other alluring elements.
'Bioooo' started its live performance in Tokyo area adding support guitar, drum, rapper and DJ.
Bioooo's evolution never stops.
In the year 2008, Bioooo changed its style to a digital band unit and incorporated more tastes toward the disco club scean.
Again, Bioooo's evolution never stops.
You should not miss a chance to enjoy their ever-changing electro-sound and live performance.


New AlbumBioooonics

3rd AlbumBioooologic

2nd AlbumBioooorhythm

1st AlbumB-POP

Compilation Album
Rise Up volume 4?Quickstar Productions(USA)
Compilation Object CD-02?Lakeland Records(UK)
Rock 4 Life International volume 13?Quickstar Productions(USA)