Bio Ritmo

Bio Ritmo

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

Leaders of the "New 'old school' movement" "Live shows are a GUARANTEED good time." [Washington Post] "Top-10 Tropical Album of 2008." [iTunes Latino] Recognized internationally as "one of the most innovative salsa bands out there!" Featured on Rough Guide Music Series (World Music Network)


New album coming 2010/2011

"Bionico (2008) rated Top-Ten Latino-Tropical Album of the Year!" (iTunes)

"Simpy one of the most innovative bands out there." (

"We want more bands like Bio Ritmo" (The Beat Magzine)

"Bio Ritmo's latest album BIONICO truly swings with every track that will make you get up and dance. Bio Ritmo maintains the classic Afro-Cuban tropical style with soulful lyrics by lead vocalist Rei Alvarez and an incredible harmonious background choruses. Two thumbs up. This is one album that deserves a Grammy for best Latin Album." ~ WHUT 91.9 FM NYC

Bio Ritmo, founded in 1991, is recognized internationally as one of the leading bands preserving the roots of "salsa classica" while taking this music to its next level. Compositions are original, inspired by the Nuyorican "salsa" craze that raged during the 1970's, while incorporating unusual sonic influences such as electronica, afro-beat, brazilian pop, disco and middle eastern grooves. Bio Ritmo has not only inspired and gained the highest respect of dancers and latin-music connoisseurs but are also celebrated for traversing the typical boundaries and stigmas of latin music, attracting a wide variety of fans and admirers from across the listening spectrum. Their latest album Bionico, was featured on the 2008 Top-Ten Latin Tropical albums and hailed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian as “one of the best Latin releases of the year!” “Ringing cowbell and zapping synthesizer…stylish and innovative, Bio Ritmo has morphed into a suave, sexy rhythmic beast.” (Washington Post)

* Featured Compilations & Awards *
DJ Lubi presents Salsa Dura / Freestyle Records 2009
Rough Guide to Salsa / World Music Network 2007
Siempre Salsa All Stars - The Best of Independent Salsa / Latin Beat Magazine 2006
Ritmo Rico Vol 1. / EMI 2004

Winners of the Disc Makers Indy World Music Series 2003
Finalist, Independent Music Awards 2004


El Monte (The Hill)

Written By: Rei Alvarez

The salsa I like, mostly from the ’70’s, was very socially concerned. Very ‘real life’, and by that I mean that the things these guys sang about were everyday things. You know, everything: family, loves, life. Of course you can say that about any music, but the difference is in how they said it- the delivery itself. A kind of conversational singing that could really hit home through the music. With El Monte I pay tribute to that kind of feeling with family in mind. It’s about the one person that you admired most of all, and now that they’re gone the admiration has grown, creating an ideal you could only hope to achieve for yourself. But that’s how you want to live, especially now. So, in the song I speak of a hill on which one day I hope to meet him (I never actually mention my grandfather in the verse, but that’s who it is in my life). I speak of the mirror I see myself in everyday, and of wanting to know that what I imagine can be real one day.

Atrevete (Do It If You Dare)

Written By: Re Alvarez

Atrevete (Do It If You Dare)
Marlysse had the main melody ideas for this one. I liked it so much I wanted the lyrics to capture her sassy spirit. She’s a little fireball. The first thing that came to mind was ‘Go ahead, I dare you. Show up at the party’. So, the song is about this person who is absolutely not invited, but is obviously having ideas. I wanted it to be real cute and pretty but sarcastic and funny, like Marlysse, which is why I thought the touch of samba in it was appropriate. More so, because she shares the love of Brazilian music the rest of us have.


Written By: Rei Alvarez

[For english translation see below.]

Madrugador, verdadero sentimiento
Madrugador, cuanto sufro yo por dentro
Madrugador, cuando mi vida gris yo contemplo
Tu solo sabes, de mi deseo, madrugador

Ay dios senor, brindame el punal tan negro
Joya venenosa, que me inspira miedo
Ay dios senor, de pena yo tiemblo
Tu solo sabes, de mi deseo, madrugador

Madrugador, amor y amigos, si los tengo
Mi corazon, un extranjero
Madrugador, esta confusion me va venciendo
Vivo por fuera, muero por dentro, Madrugador

Ay dios senor, quiero irme monte adentro
Que de mi mismo, me sienta yo lejos
Madrugador, que se lleve las cenizas mias ese viento
Vivo por fuera, muero por dentro, madrugador

Ay que dolor,
Que siento yo,
Tu solo sabes de mi deseo madrugador.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*note* There is a great loss of poetry in translation.

Madrugador (It means one who rises with the dawn, literally, but in this song the word is used to describe the entity with whom I share my inner reflections, the god in my life.)

Madrugador, a true feeling
Madrugador, how I suffer inside
Madrugador, when my gray life I contemplate
Only you know of my wish, Madrugador.

Oh lord god, lend me the knife so black
Poisonous jewel, that in me inspires fear
Oh lord, from sorrow I tremble
Only you know of my wish, Madrugador.

Madrugador, love and friends, yes I have them
My heart, (is) a stranger
Madrugador, this confusion is my defeat
On the outside I live, inside I die, Madrugador

Madrugador, I want to go inside (to the hills)
So as to feel far from even myself
Madrugador, let this wind take my ashes
On the outside I live, inside I die, Madrugador.

Oh this pain,
That I feel,
Only you know of my wish, Madrugador.

El Rayito

Written By: Rei Alvarez

The Little Ray
By Rei Alvarez
( In this case, a ray of hope. )

The sun does a little jump in the distance,
And a little ray of hope splits my cloud

…I know, that they’re only feelings,
Born of my soul,
When happiness is absent
…I didn’t cry, at least this time,
For feelings lie,
Ansd this I remembered

Slowly, my days go falling
And the little ray, always advancing
Following my life

…I don’t know, I’m only a drop in the current
What have you in mind for me,
To save me once again?
…And I cried, at least this time,
For ridiculous, my feelings,
Of the little ray I forgot

Cease ray, my heart is not a toy
Go far, I beg of you
I want to be the stronger one.

…I know, that it’s only selfishness
That always throws me to the abyss
Where I see only that which is mine
…I didn’t cry, at least this time,
For it reached my cloud,
That damned ray,
And did away with it

…And once again it will be dawn…

El Rayito
por Rei Alvarez

Da un brinquito el sol en la lejania,
Y un rayito de esperanza,
Parte la nube mia

...Yo lo se, que son solo sentimientos,
Que nacen del alma mia
Cuando esta ausente la alegria
...No llore, por lo menos esta vez,
Pues enganan los pensamientos,
Y de esto me acorde

Lentamente, se van cayendo mis dias
Y el rayito, siempre avanza,
Persiguiendo mi vida

...Yo no se, soy solo gota en la corriente
Que tienes tu para mi en mente,
Sera salvarme otra vez?
…Y llore, por lo menos esta vez,
Pues ridiculos, mis sentimientos,
Del rayito me olvide

Rayo detente, mi corazon no es jugete
Vete lejos, te lo pido,
Quiero ser yo el mas fuerte

…Yo lo se, que es tan solo el egoismo
Que siempre me tira al abismo
Donde yo veo solo lo mio
…No llore, por lo menos esta vez
Pues alcanzo mi nube,
Ese condenado rayo,
Y me la llego a romper

...Y otra vez va a amanecer...


Written By: Rei Alvarez

Lisandra (Spanish)

Lisandra azucena de mi corazon
Contigo te llevas la flor de mi inspiracion

Ay que bueno, ay que lindo nena,
Lo que yo te tengo
Te quiero tanto, que este bien claro

[coro 1]

Petalo a petalo a petalo, mi amor
Vas destryendo tu mi flor
No me hagas esto, no,
No me quiero que da solo

[coro 1]

Flor de me inspiracion
Fuente de me inprovisacion
Lisandra te dedico yo,
De todo Corazon, mi cancion

[coro 1]

Llamandote todos los dias
Que voy hacer, yo, sin mi allegria,
Contesta, mama,
Quien lo diria?
Como me tratas tu!
Quien lo sabia?

1. De mi corazon
(Response) De mi corazon, nace la cancion
2.Flor de mi inspiracion
(Response) De lo digo, de lo dedico yo

1.De mi corazon
(Response) Lo que teno pa’ ti, Lisandra, es todo amor.
2.Flor de mi inspiracion
(Response) Llamame mama, o contestame una vez.

1.De mi corazon
(Response) Que voy hacer yo, Si no me entretiene.
2.Flor de mi inspiracion
(Response) Tu cara linda, tu cuerpo tan bello.

1.De mi corazon
(Response) Que voy hacer yo, Que voy hacer yo sin esto
2.Flor de mi inspiracion

Porque no me contestas?
(all) Lisandra!

Oyeme mama!
(all) Lisandra!

Que ay de nuevo?
Que tu me cuentas?
(all) Lisandra!

Ojos de almendra…

(coro) Lisandra azucena

Lisandra (English)

Chorus 1
Lisandra lily of my heart
You take with you the flower of my inspiration.

Oh! How good, how pretty, girl
What I have for you,
I love you so, let me be clear

[chorus 1]

Petal, by petal, by petal, my love,
You destroy my flower
Don’t do this me, no,
I don’t want to end up alone

[chorus 1]

Flower of my inspiracion
Fountain of my improvisation
Lisandra I dedicate to you,
From all my heart, my song

[chorus 1]

Calling you everyday,
What will I do without my happiness,
Answer me, mama,
Who would have said?
How you treat me?
Who knew?

Chorus 2
1. From my heart
(response) From my heart is born the song
2. Flower of my inspiration
(response) I tell you, I dedicate to you

1. From my heart
(response) What I have for you, Lisandra is all love
2. Flower of my inspiration
(response) Call me, mama, or just answer one time

1. From my heart
(response) What will I do, if not entertained?
2. Flower of my inspiration
(response) Then by your pretty face, your beautiful body

1. From my heart
(response) What will I do, What will I do without this.
2. Flower of my inspiration

Why won’t you answer me?
(all) Lisandra!
Listen to me mama!
(all) Lisandra!
What’s new? What do you say?
(all) Lisandra!
Eyes of almond.


Bionico -- Locutor - October 2008
*Mixed by the legendary, multiply grammy award winning engineer, Jon Fausty of Fania Records.
*Top-Ten Album of the Year (iTunes Tropical Latino)

Salsa System (EP) - - Locutor - - 2006
Bio Ritmo (self-titled) - - Locutor - - 2004
Rumba, Baby Rumba - - Triloka - - 1998
Salsa Galactica - - Permanent - - 1997
Que Siga La Musica - - Shameless - - 1996
Piraguero (7" single) - -Merge Records - - 1997

Set List

Bio Ritmo's music is a fresh mix of music, reminiscent of old-school classic Nuyorican Salsa, funky disco & rock of the 70s with a touch of modern day urban world groove & electronica.

Sets can last up to 90 minutes and will include songs off of Bio Ritmo's latest releases and a few classic covers.