Bipolar Empire

Bipolar Empire


Our music is a new kind a mix of rock n roll with new age, it varies with each song they all come from different points of view and could be range of genres, from fast paced sing alongs to slow ballads and a few in between, we strive to be different but to show our influnces by at the same time


We're different other bands around now because we pay homage to the greats of the past the Freddy Mercury's the Jimi Hendrix's the Led Zeppelins and aim to take what they've done and bring a new generation of vocal groups and guitarists, we're influenced by the greats that push and have the pushed the boundaries of music, Our music is about pushing the limits of modern music and regaining some of the lost glory of the fifties and sixties, to bring back the excitement and the realism and the passion that seems to have almost evaporated


Single Feel That You Own It

Set List

Our typical set list would be the songs we''ve recorded for our upcoming album 1 Feel That You Own It 2 I Think That You Should Know 3 Get Out 4 Human Race 5 Tempomanic 6 Start The Show 7 Trip Around The World 8 Playing With Fire 9 Ice Cream Song 10 Why So Sad 11 Only Darkness 12 But War

Set can range from fourty five mins to two hours, we've enough material for about a two hour show