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The best kept secret in music


"Godin Guitars"

"At Godin guitars we get tons of CDs from bands,solo artists, etc...Bipolar stood out because they had it all togethr. They aren't waiting for anyone to make things happen for them. They are doing it for themselves. Most importantly their CD totally rocks and that's why we decided to work with these guys. We believe in them" - Mario Biferali, Artist Relations, The Godin Guitar Company - Mario Biferali, Artist Relations, Godin Guitar Company

"Silvertone Mastering"

"Not only are the Bipolar boys fantastic musicians and songwriters but their chops at recording are just phenomenal. Mastering their 'first effort' was a breeze because the sounds that each musician produced to start with were exactly what each song called for. If their first recording is any indiciation of what these guys are capable of delivering, then from a mastering perspective they've already achieved one of the hardest aspects of being a band...having their OWN sound." - Larry DeVivo, Mastering Engineer, Silvertone Mastering Inc. - Larry DeVivo, Mastering Engineer

"Solid Radio Responses"

"Bipolar has a sound that grabs rock radio listeners right away. I've always gotten a strong response each time I've played them." - Jason Keller, Radio DJ, Channel 103.1, Albany NY

"If you're looking for a band with their own sound, a lot of energy and talent, then Bipolar is the band to see. Keep and eay and ear out for the guys." - Joe Mama, Radio DJ, The Edge 103.5, Albany NY - 103.1 The Channel and 103.5/103.9 The Edge

"Industry Praise"

"You guys kick ass!" - Brent Smith, Shinedown Lead Singer

"Bipolar is a rock band ready to break through. A band that does it live, a rockin' show, raw, in your face...Love the band!" - Sandy Thomas, CEO Kik It Records

"Everytime I see and hear Bipolar, they perform with a real convication and drive to rival any national act I have had the opportunity to work with" - Roger Sharp, Owner, High Peaks Sound

"If I could play guitar, I'd want to play with these dudes. They're awesome." - Jeff Thatcher, Rockapella - Various

"Bipolar CD Release Party"

Beginning in 2003 an unnamed songwriting trio, local black-and-blue boys Bipolar have evolved into a hard-rocking five piece band. In their first full year together, the "Official Original Hard Rock band of the Waking Up With Wolf show" (on PYX 106) have won a few battles of the bands and had their music featured on radio stations throughout upstate New York and Vermont. All this (and a slick new guitar player) have made them favorites in the Captial Region. Their first release, a 7 song EP titled 'Disorder' will be celebrated at Northern Lights this Saturday, special guests Hemlock will join them in an evening of chest-thumping and head banging. Just remember - a little blue face paint goes a long way. - Metroland, Times Union entertainment paper


2004 - "DISORDER"
7 song EP

5 of the 7 tracks on "Disorder" received significant airplay on several popular modern rock FM station in the Northeast. Through use of the Internet, the single "Miscomm" found its way onto rock playlists throughout the midwest, and these markets are eagerly awaiting our new material.

2006 - "Rupture"

January 7th, 2006 - Bipolar's first full length album, Rupture, will be released. 11 new tracks recorded in a "concept album" format, this CD is already getting rave reviews from music sites and magazines throughout the world.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bipolar is the essence of hard rock music. They inject a healthy dose of originality while adhering to the traditions of blazing guitars, pounding bass, thundering drums, and snarling vocals. This formula has Bipolar poised to revitalize the feeble sounds that have crept onto modern rock radio. Presenting their sound in a high-energy stage show, Bipolar projects a musical prowess that far exceeds their years as professional players.

The foundation of Bipolar began in winter of 2004 in Saratoga, New York when David Tyo, John Durden, and Peter James formed the basis of what would be Bipolar’s groove section. This three-piece began writing the rhythm tracks that - coupled with the perfect lead guitarist and vocalist - would be grown to shape the foundation of their debut EP, Disorder. The soul of Bipolar was found in lead singer Patrick Michaelis who came from Montana to front the band. In May lead guitar duties were signed off to Mark Petronis, whose playing polished off the perfect sound that Bipolar had sought from the beginning. That May they played their first show together in front of 1200 people in Schenectady, New York and the Albany music scene has not been the same since.

Each member of Bipolar draws from their varying influences in order to shape a sound that is familiar to the hard rock listener, yet unique in its performance and delivery. Mixing the obvious elements of hard rock and metal, with the not so obvious and subtle components of pop, jazz, and classical music, Bipolar creates a sound that is accessible to every fan of modern rock. The music is a brooding mix of clean and distorted sounds coupled with lyrics that can at times be as dark as they are uplifting. These unstable colors combine together and make up the sound of Bipolar.

Although Bipolar’s history is short, it is rich. They’ve played gigs with various national acts touring through New York such as Lo Pro, Sevenwiser, and rock radio heavyweights Shinedown. In only 2 months their 7-track EP Disorder was recorded, mixed, mastered, and duplicated. On August 14th 2004, Bipolar released their CD to the masses with a successful CD Release Party at one of Albany’s most popular venues, Northern Lights. The band has been interviewed numerous times on live radio throughout the East Coast. Several releases from the EP have been played regularly on the most popular FM rock stations in the region, such as 103.5/103.9 The Edge, 103.1 The Channel, 102.7 EQX, and PYX 106.5. The band has received endorsements from Godin Guitars and Elixir Strings, without the help of any label support or professional management. Recently the band has started to pack clubs in the rock music mecca of New York City, such as CBGB’s, Continental, and Don Hills.

After quickly selling out of their first EP, Bipolar went to work writing and recording material for their first full length album. Bipolar capitalized on their strengths and resolved their weaknesses to record the most exciting Bipolar material to date, and people have begun to notice. This new music will be made available to the masses on January 7th, 2006 when Bipolar releases their first full length album Rupture at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. After debuting new material on the influential music site, Bipolar became the first band in 2 years to have 3 different songs in the Top 20 on the Hard Rock Charts (with 2 more coming up fast behind them). These songs currently sit at number 5, 7, and 18 in a pool of over 400 songs. In December of 2005, Bipolar signed an agreement with Alpha Music Group, the most selective A&R firm in the country. This firm receives up to 80 submissions a week, but President Sylvie Harris was waiting for the perfect sound to pitch to the major labels, and she believes she has found that sound in Bipolar.

It is nothing less than a miracle that these musicians from across the United States have come together to bring hard rock back to what it should be. With every crowd they wow, and every new set of ears that absorbs their sound, the word is spreading – Bipolar has come to put hard rock back on top.