Culver City, California, USA
BandHip HopAvant-garde

Eclectic, right brained hip-hip for dancing to while laughing. Imagine an intellectually prone ocelot with a voice like Sly Stone, rhyming, singing and doing the robot over idiosyncratic, jazz infused big beat. High energy, performative, and complex.


"Exoskeleton adorned, bent worm augmented and reborn!" The opening line of Imago off Bira's debut ep, Let's Be Elk, could be aptly used to define Bira's own ability to transform from an idiosyncratic hip hop emcee, to a lilting folk rock crooner, to a fiendish avant garde jazz composer all in the space of a two and a half minute song about insects.

With a penchant for both the sublime and the bizarre, Bira concocts a veritable potion of his many influences. From spitting quicksilver rhymes in the vein of Pharoahe Monch and Kool Keith over beats that sound like Chick Corea and Danger Mouse teamed up to write Hawaiian style video game music, to soaring through melodic passages echoing a young Prince or Sly and The Family Stone, Bira has entered into a small vanguard of artists making music today that is by definition, revolutionary.

Since his formative years spent fronting the hardcore punk rock outfit Gazpacho, Bira has continually sought to expand his musical range through experimentation and collaboration with artists spanning the gamut of the musical realm including Jai Uttal, Franco (Dirty Rats), Yohimbe Sampson (Game Rebellion), and the peerless Charlie Burnham to name only a few.

When it comes to performing, Bira stands in a bracket nearly all his own. Gracing stages all throughout the Los Angeles club scene with the fearlessness of one who doesn't know any better and the skill and moves of a seasoned virtuoso, Bira has been proving he can take the most intractable of crowds and have them moving and shaking with him before he's hit the heart of his set.

Once an acclaimed art school savant, Bira turned from a promising career as a fine art painter to pursue his passion and talent as a musician and performer. Never formerly trained, his intuitive songs and compositions embody an air of mercurial whimsy, and unfettered innovation rarely seen in today's pop culture sensationalism.

Reveling in his ability to pull from and mix whatever genres suit his fancy, Bira creates a musical style deemed at once unsettlingly appealing and unequivocally unique by any and all who hear it.


Let's Be Elk ep.

Set List

Sets run from 15-45 min. One 3 minute break per 5 songs. Standard set list might include but not be limited to: All Around, Evaporator, The Inimitable Crown, When Where What Why, I'll Be Your Man, Teacup, Mother Of All People, Leave It Behind, Imago, Hollar At Me, To Those Afraid.