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birdband was born at the beginning of 2005 as a cross between sample-based and improvisational music. founding member Justin Adam would conceive of compositions in a live environment by using only an unaffected guitar, a vocal mic and a sampler. Once performed these songs would exist as they were; raw and unedited. Much of this material incorporated analog electric noise; ( buzzing, squelching, feedback and popping ) that in the end would sound like calculated electronics. In mid 2006 he was joined by prolific noise artist Kenny Roux who further interpreted the compositions with analog processing in a live environment. This also added a new element to the live show. Since the act has further evolved and Justin has integrated a second guitar & sampler and is laying textures over top of the spun layers, very much like a DJ would mix and juggle records back and forth. This has given way to a number of live performances and recordings. III Live Compositions, which was self released in early 2006, is a limited edition EP ( there are only 50 in circulation ), showcasing a select three of this brand of composition.


In 2007, birdband is taking a different shape. Much of the year is being spent editing and refining the hours of recorded compositions and integrating instrumentation to create a new form out of each. The first ten of these will be released as an LP in the fall, and one, named Gallopgear, will be a part of a compilation album dubbed Monsterdinosaur. A group of tracks collected by Vancouver artist Ehren Salazar and put out as a concept compilation in the spring of 2007. The album includes such artists as Dandi Wind & Bob Wiseman.


Ill Live Compositions
Monsterdinosaur Compilation Album

10 inch - Summer Fall 2007

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