Bird By Snow

Bird By Snow

 San Francisco, California, USA

Bird By Snow has been releasing deep, genre-refracting sounds for the past five years with output varying from dreamy drones, to eccentric lo-fi folk, to shimmering indie pop. Bird By Snow is defined by their refined songcraft, powerful arrangements, graceful melodies, and moving poetic imagery.


Place is important. Bird By Snow was formed in the weather, wild, and little towns of Northern California. Cold water, dark woods. Fog in the branches, sunlight through a Pelican-wing. Abundance in all directions. This is the place that has informed the aesthetic of the whole Lo-fi, Pacific Northwest Indie Scene. Bird By Snow can be seen there too, but not limited to one view, instead at home in the limitless, expanding west. --- You’ll find genres bent as if light through a prism. Song-craft as ritual, where themes of primitivism, pagan meditations, and transcendent dronings breathe deeply. Only one constant member: words, tunes, recording and much playing by Fletcher Tucker.

Bird By Snow has been performing and recording since 2005; regularly traveling the US and Europe on seven tours (so far), sometimes performing solo, sometimes with a band, and occasioning to share the stage with many lovely people along the way... Mt. Eerie, Julie Doiron, Ariel Pink, Daniel Higgs, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and many more. In addition to the handsome tours Bird By Snow has performed at a handful of international festivals including several (((Folkyeah!))) happenings and festivals in Big Sur California, The Festival of Endless Gratitude (2009) in Copenhagen Denmark, and (most notably) at the auspicious Tanned Tin Festival (2007) in Castellón Spain, alongside new giants like the Sea and Cake, Deerhoof, and the Dirty Projectors.


"Wild Life" (7"EP) 2011 --- Kalligrammofon (Sweden) forthcoming
"Common Wealth " (LP/CD) 2010 --- Gnome Life Records
"After Birth" (Mp3 EP) 2010 --- Gnome Live Free
"Songbread / Another Ocean" (Cassette) 2010 --- Kalligrammofon (Sweden)
"Songbread / Another Ocean" (LP) 2009 --- Gnome Life Records
"Songbread / Another Ocean" (CD+bonus EP) 2009 --- Gnome Life Records
"Sky" (2nd pressing LP) 2008 --- Gnome Life Records
"Sky" (CD) 2008 --- Kning Disk (Sweden)
"Antlers and the Sun..." (2nd pressing LP) 2008 --- Gnome Life Records
"Ecstatic Giving" (Mp3's) 2007 --- Gnome Live Free
"Sky" (1st pressing LP) 2007 --- Gnome Life Records
"Industrial Collapse" (7"EP) 2006 --- Gnome Life Records
"Antlers and the Sun..." (1st pressing LP) --- Gnome Life Records